My Next Escape: The Night Angel Trilogy by Brent Weeks


Why I’m Reading It:

For the longest, and I mean the longest time, I have been wanting to read this trilogy. When I younger I saw these covers and was just instantly drawn to them. I had no idea what these were about, who wrote them, what the books of even the trilogy was called, but I knew I had to read them.

At the time, my pleasure reading was very limited. While I still loved to read, other activities were much more important to me and I think I only read maybe a single book a year. I still LOVED to read, but like I said, I was pursing other things in my life. However, I never forgot what these covers looked like.

Last year I started to get back into the sic-fi/fantasy scene and had heard the name Brent Weeks quite often, and each time his name was mentioned, people would be ranting and raving with praise about how good the books he had out were. Well earlier this year, I started listening to The Sword and Laser podcast, and the first episode I listened to happened to be the interview with Brent Weeks. He was talking about his current series and past trilogy and they sounded like I would be very interested in. After the interview I decidedly to finally look this guy up on the internet. When I did, I saw what his book covers looked like, and my mind was blown…

Since the graphic novel adaptation just came out, I figured it about time I finally dove into these.


From when I was a kid and first saw these covers and wanted to read these unknown books so much. I didn’t know a thing what they were about, but I just knew that they would be great. I can only hope that my inner child, who first saw those covers back in a Borders store, about 5 years ago, would not be disappointed.

Also, really craving some epic fantasy. So that should help with the enjoyment factor.

Spoilerific Speculations:

This is a new idea I may being trying out with this trilogy. Essentially it will be me commenting on what I am thinking of the book and series so far (like and dislikes), but it will be focusing on what I think is going to happen – my theories of where the story and characters are going in general. I usually only do these for series of book or if a stand alone novel is quite long (600+ pages). Otherwise, the time it takes to write down my ideas and really think through my theories, I could have kept reading. And since its a short book, good chance any question I had would be answered very soon. Epic fantasy always feel like the best do this with due to it’s potential long, overarching story line, and the complexity.

This will NOT be a discussion after every chapter or X number of chapters… it will just be when I feel like writing down my ideas. May be a every couple days after reading, at the midway point, or just after I finished the first book. We’ll see how it goes.

In each post I will make it clear what pages are being discussed to prevent anyone who has not yet read these novels from being spoiled.


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