Book Collecting: Update #10


I went to the comic book store(!)…. 2 times this month!

IMG_0957 IMG_0963 IMG_0961


  • ODY-C, Vol 1. (ODY-C #1-5) by Matt Fraction and Christian Wood
  • Starve #1 (Lock #1) by Brian Wood, Danijel Zizelj, and Davis Stewart
  • Wytches #1 (Wytches #1) Scott Snyder and JOCK

I’d been wanting to read ODY-C for the longest time, and went to grab it as soon as it came out. It so freaking awesome!

Those of you following me on Twitter (which I haven’t a clue why you wouldn’t be… @LifeBooksEscape 😉 ) would know how much I LOVE Master Chef and Master Chef Junior and Baking Championships. I heard about this comic, Starve, last year; that it was this take on cooking championships where the chefs treated like the celebrities. Sounded like something right in my kitchen, and I was right!

Wtyches… has anyone read this comic yet? That first issue blew me away! I went back last week (my second trip) the day after the trade paperback came out and my comic book store was already sold out! 😦 But the guy nice to call and order one for me.

 IMG_0960 IMG_0962


  • Squarriors #2 (Squarriors #2) Ash Mackzo and Ashley Witter
  • Mythic #1 (Mythic #1) by Phil Hester and John McCrea

Well, I didn’t actually buy Squarriors #2 in a store. I was a Kickstarter backer for this, and have a physical copy of issue #1, but only have #2 on digital format. Issue #3 is coming out soon, I pre-ordered it and grabbed this one at the same time.

Then Mythic.. I went to get this one, and the Wytches and Reyn trade paperback, but they were sold out of the latter two. I didn’t really know much about Mythic, but before I went, I was checkin out the Image new releases online and saw it there. It was $1.99 in store, so figured I’d pick it up. Haven’t read it yet though.

IMG_0959 IMG_0958

  • Murder at the Kinnen Hotel (Powder Mage #0.3) by Brian McClellan

I decided I wanted to get back into and complete the Powder Mage trilogy, and this was one of the novellas I didn’t own yet. I bought the other two novellas, Forsworn and Servant of the Crown, when they first came out in hardcover, so my inner collector had to buy this one in physical too. Plus, he signed it. Which I always love.



  • Later by Zachary Bonelli

I won this in a giveaway from SF Signal (thanks!). This isn’t in the picture up top because it it came it about 10 minutes ago and I already took that photo and didn’t want to retake another one. And it would have make an odd number and mess up the balance.

Have you picked up any new books recently? What about comic maybe? Read or heard anything about what I got in my haul?

Let me know what’s good!


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10 thoughts on “Book Collecting: Update #10

  1. Tammy says:

    Cool! I don’t read a lot of comics and graphic novels but I’m getting more into graphic novels lately and I just bought a copy of Nimona which is supposed to be awesome. I love that cover for Wytches!


    • I’m still a total comic newbie. I dab into them everyone in a while, but now I’m trying to make it a more active part of my regular reading. They’re fun to read and a good, quick break from novels.
      I haven’t read Nimona, but I have seen its cover around a lot and heard it’s good!


  2. I’m really drawn to the cover art of both of those issues of Wytches. Is the interior art similar?


    • I only have one picture of Wytches up there… did you maybe mean the Mythic issue?

      I love that Wytches cover too! That one finger is so creepy! That art style of Wyches’ cover is the same for the story. In the back of my issue, they show an example of only inks and only color before they are put together. The drawing and color is probably my favorite of all these here.

      As for Mythic: the drawing is same as the cover, but not the coloring. That all white with solid coloring is such a cool design. Would have been awesome if the whole comic was like that.


      • Yes, for some reason I saw the Mythic cover as the second Wytches issue. Glad to hear that about the art. I don’t necessarily mind cover art and interior art being different, but only when the interior art is good in its own right. Always fun when they match up, though.


        • The way Mythic is printed, it looks a W, then with the H and C underneath, the brain does it own things and reads what it wants XD
          The Mythic interior is bad – I think it’s fairly good – but if they done it like the cover, I would have loved that.


  3. Looking forward to your reviews of some of these comics. I don’t read as many comics/graphic novels as I used to, and I’m especially out of the loop when it comes to non-Marvel/DC titles or indies.


    • I’m just starting to get back into comics and making it more of my regular reading.
      Excuse my potential ignorance here, but when I think DC and Marvel, all I really think is the superheroes stories. I’m willing bet they have more than just those types of stories, but I’m not a fan of those anymore (expect for the Reckoner’s trilogy), so I think that’s why I went toward Image.
      I think I’m going to start posting single issue reviews every week as I read them. I was going to throw it in with same line as all the novels reviews, but with how fast you can read a comic – and if I read a lot of them – it wouldn’t make sense for my one post of the week to be about a single comic issue from probably 3 months ago LOL


  4. Didn’t you win my book via SF signal? Lucky guy, or you have a hack on their password. Don’t worry I won’t tell.

    Picked up Way Down Dark by James Smythe about a generation ship. He’s a favorite and it is already clear why two chapters in.


    • Haha Yes I did. However, I checked my email and those were the first and only two giveaways I’ve ever won from SF Signal. So I figure I was due 😛
      I’ve never read any of James’ work before, but I have been interested in The Explorer. That generation ship caught my attention. Looked up it on Goodreads and I liked the synopsis!


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