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Reading Statistical Breakdown: Mid-Point 2015

Welcome to my reading statistical breakdown for the first 6 months of year!

I am going to take all the book, novels, comics, magnas, magazines, and stories I have read (so far) this year, and break it down into a bunch of bookish statistical nonsense and then completely over analyze all of this reading data.

This isn’t going to be Chaos Horizon level in depth, but don’t worry… there will be GRAPHS 😀

*NOTE: All data below is as of July 2, 2015

As of the mid-way point, according to Goodreads I have 40 “books”. You’ll notice I used parentheses. That is because “books” is such a broad term… Check it:

40 BooksG1

  • 26 novels
  • 4 novel omnibuses
  • 3 novellas
  • 2 mangas
  • 1 manga omnibuses
  • 2 comic single issues
  • 1 comic volume
  • 1 magazine

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Book Review: Last Argument of Kings (First Law Trilogy #3) by Joe Abercrombie

Last Argument of Kings (The First Law Trilogy #3) by Joe Abercrombie

Publisher: Pyr

Publication Date: September 23, 2008 (first published March 20, 2008)

Edition: Paperback, 637 pages

Genre: Fantasy, Epic Fantasy, Grimdark

Rating: 5/5

One of the FINEST character-driven fantasy series, I’ve ever read! Continue reading

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Monthly Re(ad)cap, Review, and TBR: June 2015

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