Art It Up!: Edward Elric Chibi

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((A little context for this post first: As you can see by the date of the drawing, I drew this way back when, and because I have a decent amount of posts saved up in my drafts, I guess I basically forgot that I had created this post until this morning. Anyways, here’s what wrote back in April.))

I finished reading Range of Ghosts recently and there was an anthro-tiger! Naturally, I thought it would be coolest thing ever to draw one. And I just happened to have a picture of one to go off of. However, once I got past the basic foundation, and went to get ready to start adding more details and clothes…well, I realized I was wayyyy out of my league. Lucky, I had been browsing Mark Crilley’s YouTube channel the other day!

Recently, I had wanted to give a dragon a shot, but when I saw his Chibi Edward, I had to give it a go!


My poor, poor little Edward. (No pun intended XD ). What did I do to you!? 🙂  Last time, I NAILED the eyes with my turtle, and then this happened… ALL this happened Haha

We are going to pretend that the reason his head is on crooked to his right, is because he was sparing with Al and got cracked on the left side of face! You can see one side is distinctly darker due the scuffle (and not due to my lack of coloring skills). Since Al’s hands are literally giants slabs of metal – his fist is the size of Ed’s entire face! So that one shot gave Ed his swollen jaw (not my bad tracing), and that darker, slightly off, different sized eye too (yeah, I got no excuse for that one).

BUT I did outline AND color this time! 😀 I went out and bought some charcoal black pencils and those colored ones you see in the photo below. I am going to pick up a pen later for when I to outline next time – the charcoal tended to mix with the pencils when I went to color (rookie mistake).


My “artsy” camera angle (With color pencils this time) 😛

Despite this being on the lower end (worst) of my attempts, this was by far my favorite one to do! I felt so legit and almost professional doing that black outline with coloring.

If you want to see what a GOOD version of this look like, check out Mark Crilley’s video below. (He has a how-to version you can watch here)


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2 thoughts on “Art It Up!: Edward Elric Chibi

  1. That’s really cute! I really need to get back into art sometime (having kids has kind of derailed my freelancing in the last few years) and color pencils is one of my favorite mediums. I love the texture and the way they blend, and the biggest plus is they’re relatively cheap compared to markers and paints and stuff 🙂


    • The color pencils was so much fun! I wish I new how to color :/ With like shading, highlights, and techniques like that. I need to get a book on that.

      I got my stuff form Michaels, and when I was looking at some the “professional” markers and paints…. my jaw hit the ground. I mean, there were some single markers that were like $35!! Crazy!


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