Book Collecting: Update #13


Birthday Book Haul!!!

Last Thursday, August 13, was my birthday. No – wait. Please, hold the congratulations. This was not a day to celebrate, because I, DJ, turned 25…

I am now quarter century old…

I am officially closer to 30 than 20…

I was a freshman in college 7 years ago…

I think I am having a quarter life crisis… 😦 LOL


  • Seveneves by Neil Stephenson

I actually only asked for two books. I own enough books that I haven’t read and I don’t like people to spend money on more for me when I don’t know if I will read it right away. It’s different when I spend my money on book though, you know?

Last month I wanted to go to the NESFA Reading Group, which was why I picked up Karen Memory to read. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to finished it in time and missed the meeting. However next month’s book is Seveneves. Didn’t want to spend on new hardcover, so figured this was the perfect opportunity to get.

I want to check out an in-person book club, so I WILL finish this before the meeting next month.


  • The Gonzo Big Book Bundle by Chuck Wendig

Okay, so technically, I asked for 8 books – but it’s a bundle, so I’m still going with 2 books total.

I still haven’t read a novel by Chuck, but I read his blog quite often. I’m really starting to enjoy writing, and I want to start writing my own stories. I think that writing my own fictional stories, and the ability to write (hopefully) good stories, will be a fun hobby and helpful skill to have in the years to come.

I am (slowly) writing a short story for the NESFA Short Story Contest due at the end of next month, so I thought I might skim a couple of these over for some useful hints.

IMG_1058 IMG_1055

  • A Game of Thones: Graphic Novel, Vol 1. by George R.R. Martin, Daniel Abraham, and Tommy Patterson

My parents know I read books (a lot), but they do not know that I have blog or participate in the SF/F community. All they pretty much know is that my favorite writer is Stephen King, and I like fantasy. They have no idea that GRRM is my second favorite author, that I have read ASOIAF, or that it is my favorite series. Thus, when I got a copy of A Game of Thrones: The Graphic Novel and open it up to find out it was signed(!!!!!!) by George R.R. Martin, the man, himself(!!!), my jaw hit the ground.

I have never once mentioned GRRM or ASOIAF books to my mother, and I don’t even watch the show. I ask my mom how, out all the books I have lined up in my shelves and stack on the ground and tables in my room, she picked that series, by that authors. Her answer: Well, you had – whatever that series is – all the book were lined up right in the middle of your big book shelf, and I thought I knew the name “Game of Thrones” from somewhere.

I guess what they say is true: mother does know best.

Unrelated to books – but still about my birthday – my father did come by to visit on my birthday too, and as he was leaving, he felt the need to make a couple of jokes saying, “Congrats on turning a quarter century old! But now that your 25, where are my grandchildren? You should be having kids by now!”

I just laughed and shrugged my shoulder. I had nothing. No witty comeback. Maybe when I’m 30? XD

◊  ◊  ◊

And since you’re reading this on Friday, August 21, that means tomorrow is the 22nd, and that means the Hugo Awards! One last time, I want to say: GO GOBLIN EMPEROR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you like to ask for books for you birthday/holidays? What are some of your best author autographs? 

Let me know what’s good!


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17 thoughts on “Book Collecting: Update #13

  1. Tammy says:

    Happy birthday! I personally do not like people giving me books, because usually I already own it. Plus usually non book people just don’t understand what book people need or want. I’m really picky about book jackets being in good conditjon, for example, and I usually get gifts of books with damaged covers. But it sounds like your mom really got you a fantastic gift!


    • Thank, Tammy! Yeah, I understand condition being a concern (I hesitant to by even a “like new” book online sometimes). When I do give people a gift as a book, I always buy a hardcover edition if it’s available.

      And she did! It was brand new from the store and had never been read 🙂


  2. Bookwraiths says:

    Happy birthday! Books are always a great gift. And don’t stress too much about the age, the number only keeps getting bigger — and that is a good thing when you think about the alternative. 🙂


  3. Happy belated birthday! And pfft, you’re like my brother, except he had his quarter life crisis at 20. Wait til you turn 30, that was me last year and it’s like whooooaaaa I’ve gone up an age bracket, this is nuts!

    I hope you like Seveneves, I grabbed the audiobook some weeks back. It looks like quite a tome!


    • Thanks, Mogsy! Yeah, me and your brother are a lot alike. When he turns 23, make sure play him 22 by Taylor Swift then 😉

      Ugh, I already know how I’m going to deal with 30: you don’t say your turning 30, you say it’s the 10th anniversary of your 20th birthday 🙂


  4. Happy Birthday! Don’t worry, I’m right there with you. I can see thirty down the road and I’m just like “Huh…when did that happen?” It’ll be ok!


  5. Happy Birthday (a bit late)! 🙂 The signed graphic novel is awesome! An even better question not how she picked it, but where she found it! 🙂


  6. Kaja says:

    Happy birthday, DJ! 🙂 I hope you celebrated with cake. *sends virtual cake* And yeah, turning 25 made me kind of nostalgic, too, but I’m now nearing 30 (only 2 years to go!) and I think I’ll have another mini crisis then.

    I don’t usually ask for books because you can never get the ones I want at our bookstores and it just seems silly to have people order them from the internet if I can do that myself. So I usually end up getting anything but books, which is cool, too.

    It’s so cool that your mom picked up that signed copy! And yeah, it took me a while to tell people I write a blog, too, most of my friends still don’t know it. I have no idea why it’s easier to tell complete strangers about this than family/friends…

    I have 2 signed books by GRRM, he actually came to Slovenia just before the TV series got so popular and we waited in line for hours to have him sign the books (never again, let me tell you). Umm, then we got a signed Half a War by Joe Abercrombie because it was up for preorder on the Waterstones website. And a book by Patrick Ness, the last one in Chaos Walking trilogy. And I think that’s it! I’d love to go to more author events, though.


    • Thanks, Kaja!

      From what I’ve been told, turning 30 is the worst: When I was 18 (back in the day 😛 ) I was playing baseball in a men’s league, and it was first day of practice. Everyone was new – the team was just put together – so everyone was meeting each other for the first time. Me and this guy walk up to water cooler at the same time, and I step aside and make a little joke to break the ice and say “age before beauty” and signal him to go. He just looks at me with the most depressing face and says, “I just turned 30 last”. I felt horrible… but I couldn’t help but laugh XD I thought he was joking! My first words to him made me come of as some smart-ass, arrogant teenager LOL But we are still friends to this day 🙂

      You got to meet GRRM! So jealous!! I can’t imagine a line for him nowadays. It must be hours upon hours of waiting. Isn’t there a story about him, how one time he had an author signing where no one showed up? Those days are long gone.

      You need to set up a petition to get more authors to tour over there!


      • Kaja says:

        Oh I think 40 will be even worse. Then you’re middle-aged by EVERYONE’s standards. And yeah, when we were 18, people in their late twenties seemed old… And now I look at high school kids and can’t believe I was ever that silly 😀

        I don’t think GRRM even does signings anymore. The guy isn’t really young, either!


  7. Bookmarker says:

    As one of my friends commented on my birthday “I’d get you a book but you already own them all!” Instead I asked for bookish things. My parents got me an embosser! Looks so much nicer in books than my messy handwriting. (I have a post up about it if you’re interested! )

    Liked by 1 person

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