Monthly Re(ad)cap, Review, and TBR: September 2015

Book Reviews



 What I Read


This month I read 4 books 

1 was a short story, and another was my finished up a beta-read; so really, it was 2 books. I blame Seveneves… that books was was about 500 pages too long, and not a pleasant read for me.

*** I have now read 62 of my 52 book goal for the year. I am 24 books ahead! (I was 24 book last month) ***

The Time Traveler’s Almanac Read Along

17910155Myself and a group of fellow time-travel enthusiasts are committed to reading and reviewing every single story in The Time Traveler’s Almanac. 

We are doing by reading one story per week and posting out review every Thursday.

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Interviews and Guest Posts

61pjkBvdMsL._UX250_ 25891512

Interview: Elizabeth Guizzetti – author of The Light Side of the Moon, a dystopian, science fiction novel.

61cdAcrZ0OL._UX250_ 25188732

Interview: Eric Tozzi – author of Apocalypse Weird: Phoenix Lights, a post-apocalyptic, alien invasion novel.

Ferret-Steinmetz-200x267 TheFlux-144dpi

Interivew: Ferrett Steinmetz – author of The Flux, a urban fantasy novel,

Lexi VGCombo

Guest Post: How to Dazzle Your Readers with Vibrant Settings by Alexis Radcliffe – author of A Vanishing Glow, a steampunk, flintlock fantasy novel.

What I Watched

  • Tom Brady – the G.O.A.T

Got any recommendations?

Upcoming Reviews

Still deciding on what I want to post tomorrow, but later this month will we have Monochrome by H.M. Jones. And I won a copy of Envy of Angels by Matt Wallace, another one of the novellas, so it’d great to read and review that before its release date.

If I finish all those, maybe I’ll read NOS4A2 or Horrorstor to get in the Halloween mood.

Next Escapes?

Currently reading The Wells of Ascensions and hope to finish the Mistborn trilogy this month – before Brandon Sanderson’s book tour comes and then that copy of Envy of Angels by Matt Wallace,

What do you plan on reading?

Author Signings & Book Events

Brandon Sanderson: Shadow of Self Tour – I am not going to be buying that new novel, but I do want to get all my other book by him signed… which would be 10 books. The unwritten rule is get no more than 3 to 4 books signed, then you go to the back on the line to get the rest singed, correct? 

Tor’s Fall Flights of Fantasy Tour, featuring Seth Dickinson, Ilana C. Myer, and Fran Wilde – As much as I would love to buy and get all three of these signed, I will only be getting Updraft by Fran Wilde.

Margaret Atwood –  she is on tour for her new novel, The Heart Goes Last. I’ve never read anything by her before, but I am going to order a copy The Handmaid’s Tale to get signed.

((I really wish all these weren’t in Boston. I don’t mind 1 1/2 to 2 hours – I actually love driving long distance – but driving back that far 10 o’clock at night, is a bit of pain))

I also may be attending The Boston Book Festival

Anyone else planning to go to any of these author events or festivals?



Yep, September 12 marked my one-year blogiversary 😀 😀

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 11.18.44 PM Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 11.18.20 PM

I created this in September 2014, but October was my first full month of blogging, so I took some screen shots. I don’t know how these are related compared to other blogs out there, and I don’t care. My first month I only got 14 views and last month I almost hit 800. I cannot describe how awesome that feels.

I’ll reflect on this blog and why I’m doing it at a later date – I have big announcement coming next month  – but it’s crazy to think that people actually take the time to click and read and comment on what I think about book. I want to sincerely thank you all. It mean a lot 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Monthly Re(ad)cap, Review, and TBR: September 2015

  1. Tammy says:

    Oh you are lucky to live so close to Boston:-) I’d love to meet Margaret Atwood, I should check and see if she’s coming to LA. OK, I say read Horrorstor for sure, I had so much fun with that book! Congrats on you one year of blogging:-D


  2. Ooh, fantastically envious that you got to beta read Death of Dulgath! I can’t wait to read it! Though, I’ve been wavering on whether or not I should do the audiobook. Narrator Tim Gerard Reynolds is absolutely amazing. I did Theft of Swords and Rise of Empire in audio, but not Heir of Novron or either of the two Chronicles books. It’d be nice to go back to listening again.


    • That was my first beta read and it was so exciting! So happy when I found out 🙂

      I didn’t listen to any of the audio books for Riyria, so can’t really give my opinion there – but it’s a very good book, so I’m sure whatever versions you choose, you’ll enjoy it 🙂


  3. Leona says:

    Great recap list! I can’t wait to read Elantris 🙂


  4. proxyfish says:

    What a good month! Last time I went to see Brandon Sanderson I got all my books signed. Usually I would only take a few but I figured what the hell! I just waited near the end of the line and got them done all at once.


  5. That exactly what I was thinking: end of the line. (Or I might drag one of my friends along and give him half of stack to get get signed) XD And plus, who knows the next time I get see him. I was going to go to a Firefight tour earlier this year, but it got cancelled because of a snow storm. So yeah, not taking any chances. Bringing the whole stack!

    Liked by 1 person

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