One Lovely Blog Award


I would like to thank the amazingly artistic Lynn from Lynn’s Books for nominating me 😀

The Rules:

  • You must thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog.
  • You must list the rules and display the award.
  • You must add 7 facts about yourself.
  • You must nominate 15 other bloggers and comment on one of their posts to let them know they have been nominated.

My Facts:

  1. I am a former D2 collegiate baseball player. While I am from New England, I went to college down south, and the sole, and only reason, I chose to go that school was because it was in the sun and baseball. Sadly, after several injuries (the worst of the two being a right scapular muscle strain at the start of my senior year of high school, and then a lumbar spondylosis with mild spondylothesis my summer freshman year of college), I was unable to recover from them and, thus, not able to compete at as high a level as used to be, and my baseball career ended my junior year of college.
  2. Since college is about learning, I had to study something. I graduated with a major in Ancient Studies (focusing on language translations), and a minor in Chinese.
    With this, I wanted to go on to get a PhD in the Classics to be a translator. I mainly read satirical Latin poetry; Catullus was my favorite, so I wanted to translate his poems in to my own book. What I really wanted to do was right in Latin and Greek. I had two ideas: I wanted write some type of tie-in-fiction. I though it was awesome to write all of the God of Wars video games into an an Ancient Greek epic. Kind of like The Odyssey, except with Kratos. Second, was I wanted to translate fantasy novels into Latin. We already have The Harry Potter Books and The Hobbit in Latin, but I wanted to do a major series: something on the scale of the whole A Song of Ice and Fire.Then, years down the road, I wanted to continue studying Chinese so I could translate Catullus into Chinese.
  3. After my baseball career ended, I took up the sport of bodybuilding. Those guys that wear a speedo, and get all tan and oily? Yeah, that’s me LOL I have been bodybuilding and competing natural (drug-free) since I was 21, and are a former Junior National Champion. I you curious what I look like on stage, here a some photos.
  4. The only thing I own more of than books are video games; I have HUNDREDS of video games. Outside of baseball, this was my main passion and hobby up through high school. I stopped playing a bunch toward the end of high school, cut down more in college, and only occasionally play since graduating. I still have that same passion and love for video games, but I just haven’t had it in me to play them as much anymore. If I do, it’s a max hour at a time.
    Like I said, I still LOVE video games, and because I don’t really play them as much, I like to watch Let’s Plays and other video-game related content on Youtube. Totalbiscut, Jim Sterling, That One Video Gamer, Jesse Cox, Dodger, Notherlion; these are generally what I watch when I’m eating food. I also listen to The Co-Optional Podcast every week.
  5. I collect art and sports memorabilia. I don’t go to art galleries or have a very large collection, but being an artist – drawing, in particular – is something I loved to do when I was a kid, and in an another life may have pursued. (My father is actually a fairly talented hobby cartoonist, although he hasn’t drawn in years.) The hobby of drawing my have stopped by my interest hasn’t.
    Some of the favorite pieces I own are: this Diablo 2 painting by Keith Parkinson, a Todd Lockwood panting of the anatomy of dragon (Lady Trent series), a handful of these Lost prints by Mattson Creative, and I just won this print from Jay Swanson last month. I haven’t bought anything in years, but one artist I discovered in College, and become a favorite instantly was Thomas Cole. I’d love to get some of his prints one day.Then I have too many sports related memorabilia to list.
    My walls are covered in everything: baseballs, bats, gloves, footballs, pictures, an assortment of collectables, and a number of these items signed. My two prized pieces are a singed glove and jersey from Manny Ramirez. Oh yeah, about 99% of my sports memorable are Boston teams – and mainly Red Sox.
  6. I’m related to Sir Issac Newton. You know, that physics dude with gravity and inertia we all learnt about in high school? I have his blood in my veins. I’m not a direct descended of him, but no one is. He didn’t have any kids. But if you trace my family tree back he is one of my great, great, great,… etc. grandparent’s brother.
  7.  I’m about to blow you mind: I “pahk my cah”. Yep, I have a Boston accent, and do not pronounce the letter “r”. Think of that next you read my reviews ;)It’s not a thick accent, I know people who have it a lot worse, but when I go outside of New England, people mention it almost right away. Sometimes though, they try to be polite and not say anything. I can always tell when that’s happening because I’ll have asked them a question and they’ll just nod and say yeah (because they couldn’t understand a single word I just said.) XD

The Nominations:

Wow, 15 is a lot. I’ll nominate some the bloggers I read a lot, and some who new to me reading.. There are also a couple of bloggers, whom I see liking my reviews everyone in a while, but have never commented or said hi! (you know who you are) 😛 Then my fellow time-travelers, because I actually don’t know much about them outside of they are authors and like to read time travel stories 🙂

  1. Admiral_IronBombs @ YellowedAndCreased
  2. Alesha L. Escobar
  3. H.M. Jones
  4. James @ MightyThorJrs
  5. Kaja @OfDragonsAndHearts
  6. Klinta @ BookOwly
  7. Lisa @ TenaciousReader
  8. Michael @ RelentlessReading
  9. Mogsy, Tiara, and Wendy @ Bibliosanctum
  10. Proxyfish @ BooksbyProxy
  11. Sharry @xAwlaysDreamsx
  12. Steph @ BooksihSwint
  13. Tammy @BooksBonesBuffy
  14. Timothy C. Ward
  15. Wendell @ Bookwraiths

18 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award

  1. proxyfish says:

    Thanks for the nomination! 😀 Fascinating facts indeed. Now I’m totally imagining you reading your books all oiled up and in your speedos! I’m with you on the video games thing – don’t play them as much anymore and have replaced with youtube let’s plays!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ha ha! But that would ruin all the books! I don’t use a tanning bed, it’s this goopy stuff that comes in a jar that you have to spread and literally slap on LOL My copy of Horns by Joe Hill actually has a couple of golden fingers prints on the cover XD

      So cool you watch Let’s Plays, too! Which youtubers do you watch?

      Liked by 1 person

  2. S. C. Flynn says:

    Good to know a bit more about you, DJ

    Liked by 1 person

  3. My husband’s family is from Massachusetts and he grew up near Boston so I definitely know the accent. His mother’s New England accent is strong, though he’s lost most of his – but when he gets excited, it still comes out sometimes 🙂

    And yes! My To Be Read pile is only rivaled by my To Be Played pile – video games video games video games just keep piling up in my Steam account after every sale and I also have a stack of Xbox games to finish. And this month there’s Star Wars Battlefront and Fallout 4 to add to the mountain (you’re playing that, right? Apocalyptic Boston! :D)

    And thanks for nominating us! I’ll try my best to fit in a post, but if I can’t, it’s nothing personal. I’m so swamped this month (NaNoWriMo is throwing a wrench into all my plans!) 😀


    • Oh man, my Steam account… that must have at least a 100+ plus games on it alone. Of which, I’ve probably only played half because the rest I bought on the sales or Humble Bundles 😀

      I wish I was going to be playing Battlefront! So many memories of Battlefront 2 on the PS2. Alas, I am Mac gamer (which really limits my selection), and I’m still on a PS3 console. Definitely will be watching Let’s Play of the both those game when they come out 🙂

      Yeah, I hear that NaNoWriMo can be a lot of work trying write 50,000 words 😛 So no worries you don’t do the tag. Good luck with the novel!


  4. Steph says:

    Thank you for the nomination. I think my favorite part is seeing other blogs you like and I’m always happy to be in such great company. I love that you majored in Ancient Studies and Chinese. I’m hoping that means there is some great Chinese Fantasy and Science Fiction you will translate to English. I’m very interested in non western perspective on these genres. I love some of the Russian genre and I’d love to read what is being written in China too. It’s hard to find it sometimes. The authors are not always being translated to English. It’s why I have been saving the last two books of the Night Watch series by Sergei Lukyanenko


    • I honestly haven’t studied since Chinese since I graduated, and we never read any literature. It was always movies (yeah, my homework would be to watch one movie each week). So I actually don’t know any Chinese authors. Besides, I feel it may be best to leave that up Ken Liu 😉

      I do wish there was foreign genre literature than was translated. So little actually gets translated, and I can’t imagine how many stories are out there that we haven’t even heard of because they haven’t been.


  5. Sharry says:

    Oh how neat that you’re trying to translate some of the best Fantasy/SciFi into Latin 😀 (I didn’t even know HP and the Hobbit were available in latin). So, is the Song of Ice and Fire on that list for sure? What else were planning to try your hand at translating? And I’m so jealous about those Ancient Studies – always meant to take some of those courses in uni (classical studies, ancient history, all that good stuff) and wanted to take Latin, too, at some point, but alas, it never happened (though I guess it’s never too late!) And whoa, dude, you’re related to Isaac Newton? Too cool 😛 Thanks for nominating me!!


    • Well, when I was majoring in the Classics, that was what I had wanted to do with my degree. However – like a lot of students – what I majored ins’t what I ended up doing after XD I pursue a different career right now, but translating into the Latin is still something I think about often, and could see myself coming back to one day. And if I do translate anything, ASOIAF would be at the top of that list.

      I LOVED studying the Classics so much! My homework every night was essentially to just translate poetry, plays, or philosophy, or to read about philosophy or history. It was the greatest.


  6. Bookwraiths says:

    Thanks for the nomination! And if you are anything like a friend of mine from Boston, then you never say your from Massachusetts, you say your from Mass. At least, that is what he does. 🙂 But being from the Deep South, I ain’t never gonna comment on someone else’s accent because I have my own. 🙂


  7. @lynnsbooks says:

    haha, great facts and lovely to hear more about you. Related to Newton no less! Good at sport and clever – damn!! I can’t claim either. Still! I do have a massive tbr so we certainly have that in common – and you can draw – you must have been cringing at my sketches!!
    Thanks so much for taking part though – it’s great getting to know you more.
    Lynn 😀


    • Glad you like my facts! Not sure how clever I am though – so far that Newton genius gene only pops up once every 300 years 😛

      No way! Your drawings are good! You’ve seen mine. They’re nothing special.

      And thank you for tagging me in this! It was a lot of fun 🙂


  8. Tammy says:

    Thanks for the nomination! I’m not sure I’m into the whole “blog award” thing but I appreciate the mention. I love that you studied Chinese! That language seems very intimidating (although I speak some Japanese and lived in Japan for a year).

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ah! Tammy! I just noticed I never replied to this!

      From what I been told, Chinese is the more difficult of the two, because of the tones. I think I’d rather have to lear several alphabets at the beginning, than trying to speak and hear different tones.

      Looking back now, I wished I had studied Japenese instead. I started to really get into Manga and Anime earlier this year, and it’d be great to read the original and watch without subtitles. I almost picked some Japanese language books, but then I had to start studying for school again… maybe one day when I have time I’ll go back and Japanese.

      I’m so jealous you lived in Japan! I want to go to either Japan or China one day – for like a month long vacation – when I finally learn either of the languages.


  9. Kaja says:

    Thanks for the award, DJ! 🙂
    This is one hell of a list of personal info! I love seeing personal posts on blogs (especially if the blogger normally keeps their private life separate from their blog), it feels like a little window into their “real” life. Is that weird/voyeuristic?
    Anyway, I had no idea you were so into sports! Ha, look at you, destroying cliches and stereotypes (about sporty men not reading much). This makes me happy. A question, though: did you always read a lot (as a kid) or is it a more recent discovery?
    And we’ll probably never agree on Latin being the best/worst language, huh? 🙂
    Great post, will do this soon.


    • Not weird at all! I always like to learn little tidbits about blogs I read. Make the bloggers feel more “real” and not just someone on the internet.

      Oh yes. I was always a reader. Never so cool to read books in class, but I would always have one in the car when I was traveling, and did read in my free time. I guess the short version would be: I stopped pleasure reading in high school, because I was deathly afraid it would ruin my eyesight for baseball XD I know, I know – but it was teenage logic, so it made sense at the time. Then once I stopped swinging a bat, I picked up books again.

      We probably will not. At least, not until you finally realize the awesomeness of Latin, and admit it is the best 😀

      I’ll look forward to reading your facts!


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