Comic Book Review: Switch #1 (Switch #1) by Stjepan Šejić


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Switch #1 (Switch #1) by Stjepan Šejić (story/art)

Publisher: Image Comics/ Top Cow Productions

Publication Date: October 14, 2015

Edition: Paperback, 42 pages

Genre: Comic, Science Fiction, Fantasy

Rating: 4.5/5 Rating

An ambitious and exciting new series


After millions of views on DeviantArt, this popular web comic finally gets its own series. A teenage girl gets a mighty artifact that grants her immense powers…the catch? It’s a bit haunted! This self-contained “universe” includes Artifacts and characters from other series (with permission!) in a delectably STJEPAN SEJIC fashion!

Apparently, Switch was originally being created as a fan project on DevianArt, but was then picked up to be a series. (Impressive, right?) This series actually takes place in the Top Cow universe of Witchblade (and The Darkness, Artifacts, and Angelus). Yet, if I hadn’t been told me that, I never would have known. Did not feel lost once.

Witchblade was born from his father, The Darkness, the physical embodiment of darkness, and from his mother, Angelus, the physical embodiment of light. Witchblade leaves and come here to find a bearer. When the bearer comes in contact with Witchblade, it transformers into this “symbiotic biometallic armor” surrounding its bearer. Over the times, Witchblade has sought out many queens, warriors, scholars, and adventures.

Witchblade has been silent for decades, but it hears the call again. Time has now come for it choose a new bearer. A bearer that will be full of courage, willpower, and, of course, great beauty. So why it chose Mary, we have no idea.


I know NADA about the Witchblade Universe, but I thought Stjepan summed up its history and origins in the first 4 pages perfectly: alien artifact from another world, girl touches it, she transforms, this repeats over that years.

The new choosen one is Mary. At first, appears to be nothing like previous bearers: she is high school girl, bit of an outcast, is into aliens and U.F.O.s and is currently wearing an iron t-shirt and a beanie to hide her pimple. I loved her character! Stjepan does a great job at capturing that teenage attitude and talk – a good chuck of the narration in the story is told from her perspective, and Mary’s personality is so teenager sarcastically funny! – and how she has a little brother and both loves and hates him at the same time. Mary felt very real, and the one thing I was we had more of in this issue was more time with her.


We also meet Tony Estacado. Him and Mary used to best friends back in the day until Tony moved away. Turns out, that Tony is actually the bearer of the darkness.

Like I’ve said, I know nothing about the Witchblade universe, but from what I can tell, The Darkness and The Angelus are in one of these everlasting wars for world dominance. Each with their own type of bearer? At least, the darkness has a bearer. Fans of Wtichblade probably already know this, but as of right now, I’m not sure if Witchblade has a side itself, so much as it’s the bearer who decides for light or dark.

What I’ve told you so far, is just a brief summary of what is not even half way through the first issue (while leaving out a couple major points too). First issues are generally always an introduction of sorts, but with Switch there is two-fold of intros to do. Not only does Stjepan have to introduce us to Mary, Witchblade, and this series, but for readers not familiar with the Witchblade Universe, he needs to make sure he includes what we would need to know of the Universes’s history, and some of character’s history too, that will be needed to understand what is going on in this new series. And you know what? I think he did great. Sure I have question, but those are because of mysteries, I don’t have them because I feel lost.

What I appreciated about this world-building, was that it was done while also moving the plot forward. After the start with Mary, the story goes to explain its origins. Fans of Witchblade, I’m assuming, will already know who these characters are and what the current situation is, but it’s not present in an info dump. To me, it felt like I was learning about the origins at the same time while events were happening that were key to this series.

Coincidently, I just purchased a new Humble Book Bundle. This time, it’s Humble Bundle Comics. They are doing a GIANT giveaway of Top Cow Productions which include Witchblade, The Darkness, and Artifacts. And if you pay above $15, you get Switch #1! Unfortunately, I just checked (11/12) and that bundle is no longer on. Sorry, folks!

Really enjoyed this first issue. Which, I forgot to say, is 42 pages! I will most definitely be picking up issue #2 next month 🙂

4.5/5 Rating


Date Read: 10/28/2015
Review Written: 10/80/15
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7 thoughts on “Comic Book Review: Switch #1 (Switch #1) by Stjepan Šejić

  1. Oh hello, a new comic review! As soon as I saw the cover, I thought – WITCHBLADE. So I was pretty excited when you confirmed that it took place in the same universe. I used to read ALL those titles – Witchblade, The Darkness, you name it. I was a pretty big Top Cow fan on account of Michael Turner whose art influenced my own a great deal. May he rest in peace. After he left the series I followed it for a while until they did a reboot and I lost interest soon after, and around that time I also started moving into the Marvel and DC stuff. It would be really cool to return to that world.


  2. Sharry says:

    Wonderful – I always get excited when a regular run-of-the-mill teenager gets embroiled in crazy things that she never knew existed and can’t even begin to know what to do about. There is always so much room for humor and messing up and fun times. And I like the idea of a sentient artifact with its own history and role to play in the world. And the illustrations look awesome 🙂 Also, the fact that it began with humble roots as a DeviantArt project is totally cool!


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