The Time Traveler’s Almanac: Noble Mold by Kage Baker


Noble Mold by Kage Baker

Section: Reactionaries and Revolutionares

Genre: Science Fiction

Rating: 4/5 Rating

Is there a collection of all these stories that I can read somewhere?!

About the author:

Kage Barker was an award-winning American writer of novels and stories. Her novels have been translated into Spanish, French, Italian, Hebrew, and German. Before she became a professional writer, Baker spent quite a bit of time in the theatre. Her beloved and popular Company series tells the story of time traveling agents who work for the mysterious Company. “Noble Mold” was the first short story written in that series. It is also the first story of hers that she read to her mother.

Noble Mold is the first in a series of time-travel short stores, and I seriously wish I had the whole collection so I could read through them all! It was not a hard SF or even focused on explains the science behind the time-travel, but it is good enough for the story, satisfied me, and the story and characters were extremely enjoyable.

Joseph is a time-travel, working for the Company, posing as a Father at the local church. He is going about his easy life and job when he receives a transmission from Mendoza, a botanist, remarking that she is coming in to take some samples from his area is Mexico City.

Mendoza has a very… animated… personality and doesn’t quite fit in as well a sJoseph does, but that is okay – until Mendoza scans a specimen that as  F-M Class One rating, and the Company decided that they need that specimen ASAP. When local famers who own that specimen won’t give it over, Mendoza begins to lose her patients, so Joseph has to take it into his hands to figure out why and retrieve it. In this quest, Joseph undercover a ghastly secret of the farmers, and the reason why Company wants that specimen so bad.

Great character writing; great, great, great characters. The story is told from the first-POV of Joseph, and he has hilarious (slight snarky) and reasonable/logical voice. Mendoza has that hyper, sugar-packed, impatient personal. It a type of friendship where you how it became to be, when they are almost opposites, but they get to together and talk and interact with each other, you get glimpse of why they are friends – and the little battering is quite pleasurable to read.

As I said in the introduction, the explanation of the time-travel doesn’t exist at all, however, it is a major focus of the story. Joseph and Mendoza each have a separate jobs for Company, and the story alludes to them as “Immortals” and other people as “Mortals”. I’m assuming that means that Joseph and members of Company don’t die, but why not? Also, what is Company, what other kinds of jobs do they send Immortals on, and why do they want this species so bad?

Despite all these questions, it wasn’t frustrating. Knowing that this is a series – and I’m assuming also stars Joseph as the narrative – only excited me more to know that these question raised weren’t just to enhance the mystery and readers interest in the story, but to give the readers something to look forward to and think about in the stores to come later.


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Another story in the anthology that I can recumbent to everyone. It not a science focused time-travel story, but it is undoublty a time-travel mystery story, a time-travel series that I want to read more of.

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9 thoughts on “The Time Traveler’s Almanac: Noble Mold by Kage Baker

  1. Yes. It was excellent story-telling and very engaging. I too wouldn’t mind knowing more about this Company.


  2. Hannah Jones says:

    DJ, I, too, think the characters were so interesting and wonderfully written in this one. It made the story super engaging because of their interactions. I wanted more of an explanation for the time travel, but it was a very engaging read.


  3. Just a random thought – have any of you read The End of Eternity by Isaac Asimov? A fascinating time travel story I read years back now.


  4. sjhigbee says:

    There is a whole series of The Company novels written by Kage Baker – I have all seven of them and the first series are amazing – the last two do lapse into a bit of silliness as she ties up some of the more implausible aspects of her world. That said, the dreadfully titled Mendoza in Hollywood is one of my all-time favourite reads. Do check them out – they are worth it. She has also written The Empress of Mars, which is a standalone book well worth reading. I really enjoyed this review – well written and articulate:).

    Liked by 1 person

  5. sjhigbee says:

    I’m going to have to track down the Nobles:)). Any slice of Company goodness is always welcome!

    Liked by 1 person

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