Author Spotlight: Yorath the Wolf (The Rulers of Hylor #2) by Cherry Wilder

About the Book:

Yorath, the son of a royal prince, was born with a deformity that marks him for death. The court physician saves him by convincing his family that he died shortly after birth and takes him to a distant forest where he thrives, unaware of his birthright and the dark prophecy that looms over him. But as he grows to manhood, Yorath can’t avoid being drawn into the violent conflict that plagues the land. Becoming a soldier, he rises through the ranks until he becomes a reluctant combatant in the struggle for the throne.

Even as Yorath wields the power of a kingmaker, the ways of the court are as much anathema to him as the brutality of war. If he is ever to escape the violence and machinations he so despises, he has but one choice: He must confront his heritage or lose the land he has come to love and the peace he cherishes.

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About the author:

Cherry Wilder was an important writer of science fiction and fantasy. Her best-known works are the Rulers of Hylor trilogy, which includes A Princess of the ChamelnYorath the Wolf, and The Summer’s King, and the science fiction Torin trilogy comprised of The Luck of Brin’s FiveThe Nearest Fire, and The Tapestry Warriors. She passed away in 2002.

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One thought on “Author Spotlight: Yorath the Wolf (The Rulers of Hylor #2) by Cherry Wilder

  1. Bookwraiths says:

    So cool that you spotlighted this author. I read “Yorath the Wolf” years ago and loved it. Living in a small, rural community though I never could find the rest of the books in the trilogy, because they were out of print and we didn’t have a used bookstore anywhere around. (No internet back in the dark ages, you know.) Might have to dig these up and read the whole trilogy. Thanks for sparking my memory!

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