Comic Book Review: I Hate Fairyland #5 (I Hate Fairyland #5) by Skottie Young

I Hate Fairyland #5 (I Hate Fairyland #5) by Skottie Young (story, art), Jean-Francois Beaulieu (art)

Publisher: Image Comics

Publication Date: February 17, 2016

Edition: Paperback, 28 pages

Genre: Comic, Humor, Fantasy

Rating: 5/5 Rating

The best muffin huggin’ issue yet!



Gertrude finds herself some super dark evil powers just in time to face-off against Happy and battle it out for the Key back to their world.

I take it back; everything I said last review, about how the story – while it is great, funny, and entertaining – was feeling like the same thing, over and over again. I take that back. This issue was NOTHING like the rest! I think I may have been underestimating Skottie Young’s storytelling capability… 

Happy has done it; she has found the key, and the door to take her back home has appeared. Queen Cloudia could not be more happy and excited and eager for Happy to open the door and leave. But before Happy can turn the key, up shoots Gertrude from the Earth, riding a fire breathing dragon, and wielding the power of Darketh Deaddeath, one of the Seven Evil Dooms.


Last review, I said one thing that will never change is the first pages being one of the cute creatures from the Narrator’s Guild being brutally gored – I was wrong! That didn’t happen this issue! I was shocked, and I should have known from that point, that Young had a few tricks up his sleeve for this issue, the final one of the first arc.

Also in my review of issue #4, I said how much I enjoyed Young’s comparison of Happy going to find her key (all fun-like), and Gert going through a nightmare to talk to one of the the Seven Evil Dooms. At the time, I thought it did a great job a putting into perspective how unreasonable Gert is sometimes. Like, you go through all that work to  stop someone from getting a key, but in twenty-five years, you couldn’t put in that effort to find the key in the first place? C’mon!


This time, Young mirrored Gert’s journey through the Darkish Deaddeath to that of Happy’s last issue, and all I can say after reading that is: mad props and respect, Gert. You one badass.

I don’t want to give too much away with the plot, this being the final issue of the first arc, but this was easily the best mother-fulffin’ issue yet! Going into issue #5, I was still loving the comic as much as ever, but all the issues were a fast read, each one felt like the same template, and I was thinking of waiting for Vol. #2 to come out, rather than picking up the single issue of #6 – #10 when they come out,  because I figure, the story being a fast read, it might be better if I could read all the issues together? Well, issue #5 threw that thought right out the window! I CANNOT WAIT FOR ISSUE #6 TO COME OUT!!!

It was the ending. 100% the ending made this comic. Never. Never, ever, ever! Would I have guessed that this was going to happen, but O-M-G! So freaking funny! I have no idea  what Gert is going to do now with the direction the story is going to go in, and I cannot wait to find out!

Also, there is a coloring book coming out on June 1!


You’d be a  fullin’ fool to miss out on this series! On April 20!

5/5 Rating

I Hate Fairyland Vol. 1, (#1-5) – 4.5/5 Rating

P.S. Like the alternate cover I picked up? XD


Date Read: 04/03/2016
Review Written: 04/04/2016
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4 thoughts on “Comic Book Review: I Hate Fairyland #5 (I Hate Fairyland #5) by Skottie Young

  1. I just love the titles. And if I decide to get a coloring book, this definitely seems to be my speed! 🙂


  2. I actually knew about the coloring book! It was right after your review of issue 4 and I commented about going to look up the first collected volume. While searching Amazon for the release date the CB popped up in the search as well, so it was still you who ultimately led me to it 🙂 I’m tempted, lol!

    Liked by 1 person

    • When I first saw it, it immediacy reminded you had planned on doing that coloring book posts. But what a coincident! The day I post my review where I mention the coloring book is the first day you post your review for the coloring books 😀


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