Author Spotlight: An Eighty Percent Solution (CorpGov Chronicles #1) by Thomas Gondolfi

About the Book:

CEO Nanogate works closely with other mega-corporate magnates to control everything in their path. Together they suborn governments, police, and anything else barring their way to greater profits.

As the cool, enigmatic leader of the Green action Militia, Sonya drives the organization’s agenda through murder and destruction among the corporate elite. The higher the body count the more their cause earns credibility.

Tony Sammis, mid-level functionary, sinks further and further into the apathy of his own dreary existence as a cog in the great commercial machine. Without a say in the matter, his life will form the intersection of a grand conflict that could change or destroy the life of every sentient being in the Sol system. As flotsam in a flood, Tony must deal with greed, terrorism, corrupt police, pathological killers, and biological warfare in his attempt to save himself and his society.

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*** An Eighty Percent Solution (CorpGov Chronicles #1) is published by TANSTAAFL Press and is available for purchase TODAY!!! ***

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71EvNhrbNrL._UX250_About the author:

Thomas Gondolfi, father of three, gamer and loving husband, claims to be a Renaissance man and certified flirt. Raised as a military brat, he spend the first twenty years of his life moving to a new place every few years giving him a unique perspective on most regions of the United states.

Educated as an electrical engineer from the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology and working in high tech for over twenty years, Tom has also worked as a cook, most phases of home construction, and even as the personal caregiver to a quadriplegic. Tom enjoys games and after nearly thirty years he can still be found most weekends playing some role playing variation, board game and/or Texas hold-em.

Tom Gondolfi has been writing fiction for over twenty-five years and doing it professionally for at least fifteen. Most of his short stories have been commissioned for use in gaming products, such as Babylon 5 Wars and Starfleet Battles. He has honed his abilities through writing well over a million words and having them independently critiqued. He has been a member of and chaired several different “destructive” critique groups.

“Toy Wars,” Tom’s first commercially viable novel, was completed fifteen years ago with a recent polish prior to publication this year. “A marriage, a move, a new job, a new home and three teens – life just got in the way of publishing my work,” he said of the delay.

“An Eighty Percent Solution” is the premiere novel of the CorpGov Chronicles. Tom is already writing book two, “Thinking Outside the Box,” and book three, “Paradigm Shift,” with a total of nine books already plotted out for the series.

In 2012, Tom started his transition out of the high tech jungle by founding TANSTAAFL Press to bring his works and those of other prolific science fiction authors to market. TANSTAAFL Press has three offerings at this time – “Toy Wars” and “An Eighty Percent Solution”, both by Thomas Gondolfi; and “Demon Holiday” by Bruce Graw. TANSTAAFL Press has one book planned for release in fall of 2013, and three more for release in 2014.

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2 thoughts on “Author Spotlight: An Eighty Percent Solution (CorpGov Chronicles #1) by Thomas Gondolfi

  1. Riley says:

    I’d like to know if the cat on the cover is just to draw my attention or is he/she and important character in the book?


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