Comic Book Review: Cry Havoc #4 (Cry Havoc #4) by Simon Spurrier


Cry Havoc #4 (Cry Havoc #4) by Simon Spurrier (story), Ryan Kelly (art, cover) and Emma Price (cover), Declan Shaley (variant cover), and Jordie Bellaire (variant cover)

Publisher: Image Comics

Publication Date: April 20, 2016

Edition: Paperback, 32 pages

Genre: Comic, Dark Fantasy

Rating: 4/5 Rating

The pieces are starting to come together.


Mything in action.

The three story lines are finally drawing near to each other, and the plot is not letting up a bit. If anything, I think I am enjoy this series more, now, that I can start too where some of the connections are.

“So Far…

… In London Louise Canton monstrous transformations brought attention from the Inhand Org

… In Afghanistan she travelled with other shapeshifter to trace a fiend like herself

… In the Red Place the rogue monsters she came to kill has designs upon her unborn child”

Odell is still doing her little preaching and life and philosophy thing to Louise, but this time she starts talking about the Zeitgeist. I don’t quite know how to explain what it is, but the Zeitgeist appears to an almost immortal(?)-like being that has been around since the beginning of time, and is a mythic like the rest of them – and that is what Odell is after.

London is probably my favorite story line: this is where Lou’s journey that leads her to Afghanistan and then the Red Place all starts; it is here where she makes a decision that will cause of those future events to happens. After her encounter with Inhand Org, they start to send her off to special therapists that talk to her a give her different methods on how to control her “inner monster.” And in this issue, we learn a hint as to why Lou decides to go Afghanistan.


The team in Afghanistan is still following around Odell, but they encounter a village growing and experiments with Lithium… and blood. Here, was also get to see Tengu’s mythic power for the first time, and it appears that maybe the colonel too. Ottar however bring up a very important question: if Lou is a lesbian, then how did she get pregnant? 

The art is something I still think is amazing, and in Afghanistan, that art is shown off again with that Lithium and blood compound. There weren’t anything great werewolf drawing that stuck out to me this issue, but the art on page 17 should be made into a poster.

I am really really impressed with Cry Havoc. It is doing the three separate story lines extremely well: none of them are feeling rushed or shallow on content. The plot has never really dropped my interest, and I am more into the series again after reading issue #4, than I was after issue #1. Very eager to see how (if they show us) in the next month’s issue, the final of the first arc, each of the time lines are connected

4/5 Rating


Date Read: 05/30/2016
Review Written: 05/30/2016
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2 thoughts on “Comic Book Review: Cry Havoc #4 (Cry Havoc #4) by Simon Spurrier

  1. I love the grittiness of the artwork. Now I’m curious to see what page 17 looks like 😛


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