Blog Update: Back at it Again

Hello 😀

As you are reading this, I am officially back to starting class again today. What does this mean for the blog? Well, the content on the blog will keep going strong, while my personal interaction, I’m afraid, will decrease to ghost status again.

What kind of content will there be?

INTERVIEWS, of course! I literally have no time for pleasure reading once things get going, while interivews take me only a handful of minutes to write up now and only uses one of my breaks at night to get the post all set-up to go live. You can expected anywhere from 3-5 interviews a week.

However, there still are 3 more Book Reviews I have scheduled to go live in the next three weeks! And I have written up 3 Book Collecting posts that I will probably post one each month.

You said you’re going to ghost us?

Yes, to a certain extent. I simply do not have the time anymore to start each morning off reading blogs for an hour :/ However, I do promise to reply to all comments on my posts. Though, know that I most likely will not be visiting you’re blog to read and comment on yours also, so if (and when) comments on my blog decreases, know I do not mind 🙂 The most fun about the book blogging is interacting with all you, and if it one sided… well, that defeats the whole purpose.

BUT! Lisa @ TenasciousReader has started up The Sunday Share, and Sunday is general my most lax day, so if I do go blog hopping and commenting, it will be from posts I find on there 🙂

TL;DR I started classes again which means my blog will now consists of 99% interviews again, and regrettably, my interactions with all of you will decrease to almost nil 😦 I will miss all the fun we had the start the year off, but I’ll be again in June! 😀


2 thoughts on “Blog Update: Back at it Again

  1. @lynnsbooks says:

    Good luck with your next round of classes.
    Lynn 😀


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