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Book Collecting: Update #23


Technically there are three other book hauls I should be posting before this one, but I just picked these up from my dollar bookstore (yes, all the book you are about to see cost $1 a piece!) earlier this week, and remembered to take photos of them when I got home! So, here’s what I bought!

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Boskone 53: Author Edition

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 7.20.04 PM



I know, I know; Boskone was almost 4 months ago now, but these book collection posts can take me quite a bit of time to put together! And, well, I’d kinda rather read or write a review of what I just read 🙂

Either way, here are all the books I got singed at Boskone 53!

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Book Collecting: Update #18


LONG OVERDUE – but here are some books I got singed back in October!
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Book Collecting: Update #16


 Decide to stop by my local book outlet store and take advantage of their 2 for $5 deal!
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Book Collecting: Update #15



Brandon Sanderon’s Shadows of Shelf Book Tour!!!

Yep, I got ALL of them signed 🙂

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