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Author Interview: Pamela Murdaugh-Smith


Today I am interviewing Pamela Murdaugh-Smith, author of the new fantasy thriller omnibus, A Biker Saga: The Novel, which is the abridged edition of her trilogy, A Biker Saga.

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DJ: Hey Pamela! Thanks for agreeing to do this interview! 

For readers who aren’t familiar with you, could you tell us a little about yourself?

Pamela Murdaugh-Smith: Hi DJ! It’s a pleasure to be here, thank you for the invitation and the opportunity to talk about my work. Let’s see… I was born and raised in the south, been married for twenty-seven years, and have two children. The four of us are all members of the biker community, so naturally, the characters in my stories are bikers. Not the 1% outlaw bikers the general public is accustomed to hearing about in the media, nor the MC Romance biker-hunks that many readers enjoy, my books feature 99% bikers. Those who ride, live and love by their own rules. Of course, just like real life, the proverbial ‘ragged outlaw bikers’ almost always seem to make an appearance 🙂

DJ: What is A Biker Saga about?


Pamela: It’s a compelling tale of family survival. A story about a biker family known as the GGS, who through no fault of their own, find themselves the prime target during an unsolicited war against bikers. The founder of their club, having been through ‘The Troubles’ across the pond and a war in the US, has spent decades building a self-sufficient safe haven, including a near replica of his ancestral castle in Ireland. Having first hand knowledge of what is possible when things go wrong in the world, they chose to live off the grid, preparing themselves for whatever may come. Book one introduces you to the main characters just days after losing their beloved founder in an accident. Before they can work through their grief, it becomes clear that random people within the biker community are being abducted, tortured and held hostage. As the GGS strives to uncover the mystery of why this is happening and who is behind it, they discover that the same unknown enemy terrorizing motorcycle clubs, is suddenly hell bent on destroying the GGS and seizing their fortress. As the story unfolds, secrets are revealed that threaten to divide the family. Paranormal visions and sightings begin to occur… You know what DJ, to keep from giving too much away, I’ll just leave your readers with this:

Imagine a castle… occupied by bikers. Now toss in two lovers, with a splash of deceit. Add a title, three jesters, and a fortress full of loyal characters. Mix with equal parts madman, power, and cold revenge. Slowly stir in a war, a political takeover, a host of faeries, one familiar wizard, and a dash of fiery dragon. Boil until greenish mist appears, and simmer before reading.  Continue reading

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