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Guest Post: How to Dazzle Your Readers with Vibrant Settings by Alexis Radcliff


Alexis Radcliff is an author, gamer, unashamed geek, and history junkie who spent the better part of a decade working in tech before dedicating herself to her first love, literature.

Her new novel, A Vanishing Glow, is the first book in the Mystech Arcanum series, a deep and thrilling blend of steampunk and flintlock fantasy with mature themes.

Buy it now on Amazon.com, and read it when it releases on October 1st!

How to Dazzle Your Readers with Vibrant Settings

by Alexis Radcliff

It’s easier than you might think to weave a vibrant setting in the minds of your readers.

Imagine, if you will, a house on a hill on a cloudless night. Ancient paint peels off in long strips from the rotting boards of the walls, and the wind whistles through broken attic windows. Inside, a musty smell permeates hallways long since abandoned.

Can you see the house yet? Do you know what color the wood is, and whether the staircase leading up to the attic is worn or well-kept? Do the doors have brass hinges or iron? I didn’t give you any of those details, but I’d bet money you can answer each of the questions I’ve asked. Magical, huh? Continue reading

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