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Author Interview: Gavin Reese

Today I am interviewing Gavin Reese, author of the newl released Alex Landon Thriller series, which already includes a novel, Enemies Domestic, a novella, Room Number Three, and a short compilation called Alex Landon Starter Library.

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DJ: Hey Gavin! Thanks for agreeing to do this interview!

For readers who aren’t familiar with you, could you tell us a little about yourself?

Gavin Reese:  Yes, thanks for having me, DJ.  As you said, I recently had my first novel, Enemies Domestic published and released on 3 July.  I’m a full-time cop and, among other things, a part-time author, so my stories and the Alex Landon Thriller Series are all based on cases that I and my partners have worked.  During my cop career, I’ve had assignments in Patrol, Field Training, Narcotics, SWAT, and Special Investigations.  I’ve been blessed with great partners, and am grateful to have had tremendous professional opportunities.

DJ: What is Enemies Domestic about?

Gavin: I wrote it based on some real-world events in the Phoenix area, and it details the efforts of Alex Landon, a suburban police detective in fictional Dry Creek, Arizona, and a civilian informant to investigate a white-supremacist hate group after they are suspected of attempting to acquire explosive materials and bomb-making components.  What Landon and his informant don’t realize is that the group’s leader, effectively a silent partner in the organization, has much greater aspirations and the intended physical destruction is only the beginning of their plot and long-term objectives.

DJ: What were some of your influences for Enemies Domestic and the series?

Gavin: I grew up writing.  Starting in about fourth grade, my dad would make us write essays as punishment rather than resorting to corporal measures.  We’d turn in an essay on “Responsibility” and he’d grade it with a red pen, give it back for corrections, and we’d lather, rinse, and repeat as necessary.  This continued until both he was satisfied with the product and we were determined NOT to recommit the original offense, which, in hindsight, was likely his objective all along.  After I’d been working as a cop for a while, the cop shows, books, and movies that I loved so much as a civilian had suddenly become two-dimensional, inaccurate half-truths about police work.  By that point, writing had grown cathartic for me, and was just as therapeutic as running.  So, I got hurt at work, was frustrated with a lot of different aspects of my personal life at that point, and started writing a realistic police story, as at least I now see them, to deal with my stress while I worked on my physical recovery.  I should also give a friend and editor, Vivian Caethe, credit where it’s due here as an “influence” for this specific novel.  The original text was over 700 pages and 184,000 words, and she recommended rewriting it in first person and breaking the text into two novels. Continue reading

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