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Author Interview: Gregory L. Hall


Today I am interviewing Gregory L. Hall, author of the new YA dark-fantasy/horror novel, At the End of Church Street.

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DJ: Hey Gregory! Thanks for stopping by to do this interview!

For readers who aren’t familiar with you, could you tell us a little about yourself?

Gregory L. Hall: I live a complicated life. During the day I work for the CIA as an undercover operative. Obviously I can’t discuss much but I will say I get to visit amazing places all across the world. It can be difficult though because at night I’m a pole dancer over at TTOC (Turn the Other Cheek), a club near my house. So no matter where I am for the CIA, I have to get back for my evening shift. Actually pays more than being a spy so I can’t quit. My dancer name is Naughty Yum Yums. Same as my spy name.

Man, that sure sounds better than being a stay-at-home dad folding laundry!

DJ: What is At the End of Church Street about?


Gregory: Church Street focuses on a ‘family’ of homeless Goth kids who live the vampire lifestyle. They all have broken pasts. Society didn’t want them so they created their own. In a twisted way, they feel being vampires gets them respect. Of course, no one believes they’re real, except for one sick individual, who just happens to be a vampire hunter. The Family tries to survive as they’re murdered one by one by someone who won’t let them run back into the shadows. There are so many surprises, it should be a pop-up book.    

DJ: What were some of your influences for At the End of Church Street?

Gregory: It’s actually based on real Goth kids I knew when I worked at a haunted house attraction in Orlando. I was the ‘barker’ for the tourists outside and the Goths would come around every night like Hallmark executives to a Christmas party. I got to know them well and learned their stories. Sad stuff but they were entertaining as hell too. They made a lot of mistakes but deep down they were good kids. When I thought about writing a vampire novel with a fresh twist, my old Orlando buds came to mind. Continue reading

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