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Author Interview: Richard A. Knaak

Today I am interviewing Richard A. Knaak, author of the new urban fantasy novel, Black City Dragon, third book in the Black City Saint series.

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DJ: Hi Richard! Thanks for agreeing to do this interview!

For readers who aren’t familiar with you, could you tell us a little about yourself?

Richard A. Knaak: Well, I’ve written some fifty novels and around two dozen shorter pieces, not to mention manga, comics, gaming material, and more

DJ: What is Black City Dragon and then the Black City Saint series about?

Richard: Black City Dragon is the third novel in my series, which takes place in Prohibition Chicago. The series follows Nick Medea, once St. George of dragon fame, who has been the guardian of the ever-shifting gate between our world and Feirie since he unwittingly slew its original sentinel, the dragon. Worse, in the struggle, his blood mixed with the dragon’s, meaning they are one now…but not allies, save by necessity. Nick has to call on the dragon’s power at times, which also means the potential for the beast taking over, as happened in Chicago in 1871.

That same incident froze the gate — invisible to human eyes — near Lake Michigan. Since then, Nick has been trying to stem the incursions of the worst of Feirie’s creatures, the Wyld. Unfortunately, in addition to all his other troubles, including the dragon’s constant attempts to trick him, Nick also has to contend with the queen of Feirie’ ambitions and, worst of all, the constant reincarnation of his lost love, the princess Cleolinda, the woman he saved from the dragon in the process. Although they don’t remember their past, each incarnation is drawn to him…and, eventually, each incarnation dies violently. Nick blames himself for that, but in Black City Dragon, he learns that there’s another reason. Part of it is vengeance spread across the sixteen centuries since Nick and the dragon and part if it is the culmination of something more sinister involving both worlds.

Oh, did I mention that the title does NOT refer to Nick’s eternal companion? Continue reading

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