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Author Interview: Cherie Priest

Today I am interviewing Cherie Priest, author of the new historical fantasy novel, Brimstone.

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DJ: Hey Cherie! Thanks for agreeing to do this interview!

For readers who aren’t familiar with you, could you tell us a little about yourself?

Cherie Priest: I’m a Leo who was born in Florida, on the day Jimmy Hoffa disappeared. Also, I write books. I’ve had about twenty published, mostly in sci-fi/fantasy/horror genres – though recently I’ve also begun to write for young adults.

DJ: What is Brimstone about?

Cherie: A talented young clairvoyant and a shell-shocked veteran of the Great War who came back from the front with the ghost of a vengeful German poltergeist. In a nutshell. It’s largely set in Cassadaga, Florida, a real-life historic spiritualist camp not terribly far from Orlando.

DJ: What was your favorite part about writing Brimstone?

Cherie: Going down to Cassadaga for a few days, to do research and get a feel for the place. Everyone was just lovely, and I had a most excellent time kicking around with my cousin (who lives nearby – and was kind enough to let me crash with her).

DJ: What do you think readers will be talking about most once they finish it?

Cherie: The Chihuahua. Continue reading

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