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Author Interview: Susanna Rogers

SusyRogersToday I am interviewing Susanna Rogers, author of the new novel, Parallax Error.

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DJ: Hi Susanna! Thanks for agreeing to do this interview!

For readers who aren’t familiar with you, could you tell us a little about yourself?

Susanna Rogers: I write young adult books that kick butt, or least I hope they do! I’m a kickboxer with a second-degree black belt so it seems inevitable that some of my heroines end up being martial artists and having to use these skills – always for the purposes of good, of course. I’ve written in other genres but there’s something incredibly liberating about writing YA because I put myself in that teenage mindset and nothing seems out of reach. When I’m writing, it feels to me as if my characters can save the world. And sometimes they have to.

DJ: What is Parallax Error about?

Parallax Error small

Susanna: It’s about Sasha Pierce, a teenage girl who’s bullied and feels alone. This part isn’t necessarily fiction. Lots of teenagers go through a hard time in varying degrees. A global glitch throws Sasha into an alternate universe into the body of another girl, only she’s not the school nerd any more. She’s one of the elite, a bodyguard-in-training at The Primary. And if the authorities find out she’s not who she says she is, they’ll get rid of her.  When I wrote the story, I had no idea that Beyonce’s alter ego was known as Sasha Fierce. I chose a name that sounded good and I guess Beyonce did too.

DJ: What was your inspiration for Parallax Error?

Susanna: You may have heard of Canadian teenager, Amanda Todd, who was bullied relentlessly and told her own story using a series of flash cards in a Youtube video. I can’t watch the video because it makes me cry every time. It’s too sad to be true, yet this was someone’s life. As a parent finding out about her story, I kept thinking that if only she could have got through the next couple of years, she’d have come out the other end. Such a tragic story. I couldn’t give Amanda a happy ending but I could craft one for Sasha in Parallax Error. Because I felt that after everything she went through, that was the least she deserved. Continue reading

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