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Author Interview: C.T. Phipps

Today I am interviewing C.T. Phipps, co-author of the new space opera novel, Lucifer’s Star, first book of the Lucifer’s Star series. He is also author of the Supervillainy Saga, Cthulhu Armageddon series, and Straight Outta Fangton.

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DJ: Hey C.T.! Thanks for agreeing to do this interview!

For readers who aren’t familiar with you, could you tell us a little about yourselves?

C.T. Phipps: Hexa, I’m a life-long geek who managed to luck out into being an author by trying for about six years. I didn’t know if anyone would ever want to read my stuff so I just wrote what I wanted to read and that resulted in some modest success with my work. That led to other people checking out my work and meeting with my current publishers.

DJ: What is Lucifer’s Star about?

C.T.: A lot of Star Wars fans (okay, maybe just me) always wondered what happened to all of those TIE pilots and stormtroopers after the Battle of Endor. The Ewoks couldn’t have eaten all of them, right? So, I starting thinking a lot about the morality and world-building which went into what a “real” morally ambiguous between a ruthless dictatorship and their rebels would like as well as the aftereffects.

In this case, its personified by Colonel Cassius Mass who was a soldier of the Archduchy of Crius who found out, holy crap, we were the bad guys?, only after losing everything. It follows him as he tries to disappear into a normal life only to get dragged out of it by the side which defeated his and that wants him to prevent another war. It’s a dark space opera with heavy focus on characterization and questions of what to do when no side is right.  Continue reading

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