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Author Interview: D. Nolan Clark


Today I am interviewing D. Nolan Clark, author of the new science fiction novel, Forsaken Skies, first book in The Silence series.

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DJ: Hey D! Thanks for stopping by to do this interview!

For readers who aren’t familiar with you, could you tell us a little about yourself? (Or who you actually are?) 😉

D. Nolan Clark: Ha! Yeah, it’s a pseudonym. I’m actually David Wellington, the bestselling horror writer. D. Nolan Clark is what I call myself when I’m writing science fiction. I’m really excited to bring this book out—in some ways it’s the book I’ve been trying to write since I was six years old and I first saw Star Wars. I always meant to write science fiction, and in fact when I published my first novel (Monster Island) I thought I was writing sf. Of course, it had zombies in it, so it got put on the horror shelf.

DJ: What is Forsaken Skies about?

D. Nolan Clark: It’s about the Great Silence, the Great Filter, the Fermi Paradox. The question of why, in a universe full of planets capable of harboring life, we’ve never detected any. The book suggests one answer for that question. It’s also about a future where runaway capitalism and runaway militarism have left us in a very bad position to find out what happened to all the aliens. Continue reading

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