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Author Interview: Paul Heatley


Today I am interviewing Paul Heatley, author of the new crime noir novel, Violent by Design, final book in the Eye for an Eye series.

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DJ: Hi Paul! Thanks for agreeing to do this interview!

For readers who aren’t familiar with you, could you tell us a little about yourself?

Paul Heatley: Hey DJ, thanks for having me! I’m a British writer from the north east of England with some previous titles under my belt – The Motel Whore & Other Stories, Guns, Drugs, And Dogs, Fatboy, and the first two in the Eye For An Eye series, An Eye For An Eye and The Runner.

DJ: What is Violent by Design and then the Eye for an Eye series about?


Paul: The Eye For An Eye series focuses primarily on the exploits of Graeme Taylor and Tracksuit Tony Gordon and their affiliation with the Doyle family, based in Newcastle Upon Tyne. In the opener, An Eye For An Eye, Graeme and Tony are brought in to track down a guy who has accidentally blinded Neil Doyle’s (the patriarch of the family) daughter Jasmine, taking out one of her eyes with a dart. The accidental perpetrator, however, is part of a violent, rival family, who are determined to keep his whereabouts secret, and protected. Needless to say, things get pretty bloody! The Runner is a prequel/companion to An Eye For An Eye, taking place before the events of that tale. It features cameos from some of the characters from the first, including Jasmine (with both eyes), and most predominantly, her older brother Michael. It is, however, a largely self-contained story. Violent By Design picks up one year after the events of An Eye For An Eye. Graeme Taylor is in a self-imposed exile after the events of the previous story, and Tony works for the Doyle’s in a larger capacity. There’s a new head of security called Jimmy Finlay, as well as a new threat from a taxman (a rip-and-runner), as well as new interpersonal relationships between the characters that I won’t give away here. Continue reading

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