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Free Ebook Alert: Some of the Best from Tor.com: 2016 Edition

Tor.com is very excited to offer a free download of the 2016 edition of Some of the Best from Tor.com, an anthology of 25 of our favorite short stories and novelettes from the last year. Readers worldwide can download the ebook for free by signing up for the Tor.com Publishing newsletter from 12:00 P.M. EST on January 10th until 11:59 A.M. EST on January 17th.

Of course, you can always enjoy all of our free weekly short stories by visiting Tor.com’s fiction index. These stories were acquired and edited for Tor.com by Ellen Datlow, Ann VanderMeer, Carl Engle-Laird, Liz Gorinsky, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Justin Landon, Diana Pho, and Miriam Weinberg. Each story is accompanied by an original illustration.

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Table of Contents

  • “Clover” Charlie Jane Anders
  • “The Art of Space Travel” Nina Allan
  • “The Destroyer” Tara Isabella Burton
  • “Traumphysik” Monica Byrne
  • “The High Lonesome Frontier” Rebecca Campbell
  • “Lullaby for a Lost World” Aliette de Bodard
  • “A Dead Djinn in Cairo” P. Djeli Clark
  • “Breaking Water” Indrapramit Das
  • “Autobiography of a Traitor and a Half-Savage” Alix E. Harrow
  • “The City Born Great” N. K. Jemisin
  • “Everything That Isn’t Winter” Margaret Killjoy
  • “The Weight of Memories” Cixin Liu, translated by Ken Liu
  • “The Maiden Thief” Melissa Marr
  • “The Caretakers” David Nickle
  • “Your Orisons May Be Recorded” Laurie Penny
  • “meat+drink” Daniel Polansky
  • “The Three Lives of Sonata James” Lettie Prell
  • “The Great Detective” Delia Sherman
  • “Finnegan’s Field” Angela Slatter
  • “The Weather” Caighlan Smith
  • “Terminal” Lavie Tidhar
  • “Her Scales Shine Like Music” Rajnar Vajra
  • “La beauté sans vertu” Genevieve Valentine
  • “That Game We Played During the War” Carrie Vaughn
  • “A Fist of Permutations in Lightning and Wildflowers” Alyssa Wong

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About the Tor.com Publishing Newsletter: 

This monthly newsletter includes the latest updates on Tor.com Publishing titles from authors like Nnedi Okorafor, Seanan McGuire, Malka Older, Charles Stross, and many more, including excerpts, sweepstakes, exclusive content, and author features.

How to Redeem:

To redeem the free ebook edition of Some of the Best from Tor.comVisit this link between noon (12:00 P.M. EST) on Tuesday, January 10th, and 11:59 A.M. EST on Tuesday, January 17th to sign up for the Tor.com Publishing newsletter and download the DRM-free ebook. This offer is available globally.

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Free Ebook Alert: Infomancy by Malka Older

On Election Day, Tor.com Publishing is offering free digital copies of Malka Older’s Infomocracy, the acclaimed near-future political thriller where campaigns play out on a global scale, debates and advertisements are instantly annotated, and the manipulation of information has never been more sophisticated—or more powerful.

For 48 hours only, readers worldwide can download the ebook edition of Infomocracy for free by signing up for the Tor.com Publishing newsletter.

Learn more below!

About the Book:

“Kinetic and gripping, the plot hurtles toward an electoral climax that leaps off the page.” —NPR
It’s been twenty years and two election cycles since Information, a powerful search engine monopoly, pioneered the switch from warring nation-states to global micro-democracy. The corporate coalition party Heritage has won the last two elections. With another election on the horizon, the Supermajority is in tight contention, and everything’s on the line.

With power comes corruption. For Ken, this is his chance to do right by the idealistic Policy1st party andget a steady job in the big leagues. For Domaine, the election represents another staging ground in his ongoing struggle against the pax democratica. For Mishima, a dangerous Information operative, the whole situation is a puzzle: how do you keep the wheels running on the biggest political experiment of all time, when so many have so much to gain?

Infomocracy is Malka Older’s debut novel and the first in The Centenal Cycle series, followed by the upcoming Null States.

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About the Tor.com Publishing newsletter: 

This monthly newsletter includes the latest updates on Tor.com Publishing titles from authors like Nnedi Odorafor, Laurie Penny, Victor LaValle, Brian Evenson, and many more, including excerpts, sweepstakes, exclusive content, and author features.

How to redeem the free ebook edition of Infomocracy

Visit http://giveaway.tor.com/ between midnight (12:00 AM EST) on Tuesday, November 8th, and 11:59 P.M. EST on Wednesday, November 9th to sign up for the Tor.com Publishing newsletter and download the DRM-free ebook. This offer is available globally.

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About the Author:

Malka Older is a writer, humanitarian worker, and PhD candidate at the Centre de Sociologie des Organisations studying governance and disasters. Named Senior Fellow for Technology and Risk at the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs for 2015, she has more than eight years of experience in humanitarian aid and development, and has responded to complex emergencies and natural disasters in Uganda, Darfur, Indonesia, Japan, and Mali.

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Series Spotlight and Kindle Deal Alert: Of Hate and Laughter by Serban V.C. Enache

About the Book:

Flesh will bleed. Bones will break. Swords will turn.

An Empire Of Traitors follows several principal storylines simultaneously. It’s been eight years since the end of the civil war between the Inquisition and emperor Zygar Ferus, worshiper of blood gods – and in the five realms of the Empire things are stirring. Driven by ambition or wounded pride, many nobles like the dog-headed serpent of Stoneweed seek to change their fortunes, even with the price of treachery. And from exile, from the heathen nations of the Lowlands, a Sunborn scion of house Mero gathers strength behind his claim. No family, great or small, shall remain indifferent to fate’s whim. It takes an emperor to rule an empire, but it takes numbers and honored oaths to keep both crown and throne.

In the Westlands, Drakanes, a sister of the Temple finds herself in the role of witness and proctor, of passing judgement on a man accused of murder, who claims to have been possessed. The trial’s proceedings enlighten her as to the truth of it all, and the good sister is willing to, out of pure stubbornness, risk death for justice. Emperor Hagyai Rovines Mero fears for the continuation of his line, and sends Sycarus on an errand to the Desertlands to bring back an Aharo maiden for his son and heir. Hagyai Rovines desires a betrothal between the prince heir and a savage girl – trying to emulate a long dead custom of the Sunborn emperors. Such a move is most unpopular, and the whispers of another civil war are once again in the air.

Birus Mandon, lord of Rivermark and warden of the Streamlands, is warned of a plot against his sovereign and tries to gather knowledge on the schemes of potential oathbreakers, though his trade is not that of a spy. When he hires the Mounted Arrows Company of Narak al Zull, Birus learns more than mere outlandish tactics; he finds a new source of strength in the sellsword’s foreign warrior god.

Kalafar Sodomis, lord of Weiyenor and warden of the Northlands, has seen his brother get married, and he himself is tried by notions of passion toward a certain lady of a southern house. But as the conflict breaks out, Kalafar needs to act as a proper lord, as a man, not a boy. He summons his vassals for a council at Devil Mound, to decide if the north will go to war or no; and there to also perform a certain ritual to honor the dead of Fengard and Wyrm.

Find out how it all unfolds by reading An Empire Of Traitors, the first book in the series Of Hate And Laughter.

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