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Author Interview: Michael R. Underwood


Today I am interviewing Michael R. Underwood, author of the science fiction and fantasy, genre-hopping novellas series. Genrenauts: The Complete Season One Collection just hit the digital shelves, with the paperback hot on its heels.

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DJ: Hey Michael! Thanks for coming back to do a follow up interview about the Genrenauts: The Complete Season One Collection!

I had you on the first time to about the Kickstarter for Genrenauts: The Complete Season One Collection. Now that it is completed, how did it turn out? Would you consider using it again for future projects?

Michael R. Underwood: Kickstarter took up even more of my attention and energy than I’d expected, but it was totally worth it. Kickstarter was a great partner for getting the word out about the campaign and the series in general. KS’s own discovery systems brought in around 27% of the pledge funding, which was notably higher than I was expecting. The backers have been very supportive (and not just with their pledges), and I’ve been very pleased by reader responses to the season as it unfolds. I sent the ebook omnibus rewards to backers in advance of the official release date, and am just finalizing the paperback print run now.

DJ: In case any of my readers missed the first interview, please tell us again: What is the Genrenauts series about? And what is a “genrenaut”?


Michael: Genrenauts is an adventure science fiction series told in novellas, for fans of Leverage, Quantum Leap, Redshirts, and/or recent webseries Dramaworld.

In Genrenauts, our Earth is one of many. Every other world is the home of a story genre, from Western or Fantasy to Romance, Action, Crime, etc. Stories play out in these worlds – familiar tale types, archetypal characters, and so on.

When stories on these worlds go off-track, you send in the Genrenauts. This team of narrative specialists travels across dimensions to find, analyze, and fix broken stories. If they don’t, the ripples manifest as violence and upheaval in our own world (when Science Fiction World goes off-track, scientific innovation stagnates and exploration halts; when Fantasy World goes off-track, xenophobia rises and cultural rifts widen, etc.).

Stand-up comedian Leah Tang is recruited to join the Genrenauts as stories are breaking at a record pace. Will she adapt to the bizarre and dangerous life of a Genrenaut, or will she end up as just another broken story? Continue reading

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