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Author Interview: Geoff Habiger and Coy Kissee


Today I am interviewing Geoff Habiger and Coy Kissee, the writing duo behind the new fantasy novel, Wrath of the Fury Blade, the first book of The Constable Inspector Lunaria Adventure series.

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DJ: Hi Geoff & Coy! Thanks for agreeing to do this interview!

For readers who aren’t familiar with you, could you tell us a little about yourselves?

Geoff Habiger & Coy Kissee: Sure. And first we’d like to thank you for offering to interview us. We’ve been “authors” for several years, with books published for role-playing games, and Geoff has a best-selling coloring and activity book about dinosaurs (Dinosaur Learning Activity Book). Wrath of the Fury Blade (and our supernatural historical fiction novel Unremarkable) are our first actual works of fiction that we have had published.

We’ve been avid (rabid?) readers since we can remember. Geoff tried to write fiction back in high school and college, but never got beyond a first draft stage back then. (Some of those drafts are still floating around somewhere on an old 5.25” floppy disk – lost forever do to the obsolescence of computers.) We both grew up in Manhattan….Kansas – not New York. (That’s the Little Apple, not the Big Apple for folks playing along at home.) That’s where we met, as we attended high school together. Geoff currently calls New Mexico home with his wife, son, and two cats. Coy resides in Lenexa, Kansas with his wife and one cat.

DJ: What is Wrath of the Fury Blade and The Constable Inspector Lunaria Adventure series about?


Geoff & Coy: The Constable Inspector Lunaria Adventures will be a series of books that focuses on Constable Inspector Reva Lunaria and her job as a Constable in the elven city of Tenyl. Basically, Reva is a cop in a city in a fantasy world that we have created. (In fact, the city and Kingdom of Tenyl originally started out as part of the campaign setting we created for Dungeons & Dragons.) The different “adventures” that Reva will experience all revolve around crimes committed in the city (generally the major ones, like murder, kidnapping, etc. – though the occasional clash with over-zealous adventurers also takes place). Wrath of the Fury Blade is the first adventure in which we introduce Reva, her new partner, Seeker Ansee Carya, and several other characters as they attempt to track down a serial killer stalking the elite members of the city. Of course, this is harder than it seems since Reva doesn’t like her new partner, gets “assistance” from the King’s Secret Police (the Sucra) who have their own agenda beyond just finding the killer, and must deal with some of her own personal demons. Continue reading

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