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Author Interview: David Hair

Today I am interviewing David Hair, author of the new epic fantasy novel, Hearts of Ice, third book in the Sunsurge Quartet.

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DJ: Hi David! Thanks for agreeing to do this interview!

For readers who aren’t familiar with you, could you tell us a little about yourself?

David: Hi DJ. I’m a New Zealander, a fulltime writer with 20 books currently in print via several international publishers. I’ve been writing professionally since 2009; prior to that I was a financial services person. I write YA and mass market fantasy novels. I’m married with two grown children, and I’ve lived in England, India and Thailand, so I love travel, as well as football, good wine, and history. I’m now living back in my native New Zealand with my wonderful wife, Kerry.

DJ: What is Hearts of Ice and then the Sunsurge quartet about?

David: I’ll start with the overall quartet: The Sunsurge Quartet is the sequel to The Moontide Quartet, an epic fantasy series set on the Earth-like world of Urte (pronounced “Ur-teh”). Essentially it’s a fantasy world divided into East and West, with a lot of problems similar to our own world. There is culture clash on racial and religious lines, and the two series deal with those conflicts, following a group of heroes who put aside those dividing lines to unite in the name of peace. It’s a ruthless place, but also a place where courage and loyalty can triumph through the virtues of cooperation in the face of self-serving enemies.

Hearts of Ice is the third book of The Sunsurge Quartet; and a young queen is struggling to hold a decadent empire together against open and hidden enemies, and some allies who are just as dangerous. Her only advantage is a forbidden magic that only she and a handful of others can wield, and which could as easily damn her as save her. Her armies are locked in combat with an eastern invader, and there’s a secret cabal seeking not just to unseat her, but to control both sides of the conflict. So there’s lots going on! Continue reading

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