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Author Interview: Gabrielle Russo

Today I am interviewing Gabriele Russo, author of the new satirical fantasy novel, Inclement Gods, second book in the Gods Inc. series.

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DJ: Hey Gabriele! Thanks for agreeing to do this interview! 🙂

For readers who might have missed previous interviews and aren’t familiar with you, could you tell us a little about yourself?

Gabriele Russo: Sure. I am a French-Canadian who loved the English language so much she just had to write in it J Seriously, I tried writing novels many times, but until I was introduced to British humorous fantasy, it never quite clicked. While cynical, I prefer to have an optimist outlook on life and I think laughter is the best medicine for the world’s woes – evil never fares well against ridicule – and also the best way to show its absurdities.

DJ: What is Inclement Gods and also the Gods Inc. series about?

Gabriele: The running theme of the series as a whole is man’s complicated relation with his gods, especially in regards to the mercantile aspects of religion. In Inclement Gods, I poke at ideological extremism, the kind that leads to terrorism; except I flip it around from what’s happening in this world and give the role to atheists (my world being full of actual gods – they are the minority rebelling against the status quo). I also explore the politics that come from fighting such a foe.

And that sounds soooo serious – it isn’t really. By focusing more on the heroes’ bumbling efforts to stop the terrorists, I tried to keep it light and funny.

DJ: What were some of your influences for the Gods Inc. series?

Gabriele: Always I must mention Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett, as they are the two authors who made me want to write. Then there’s my usual suspects list: Goscinny, Umberto Eco, Rabelais, Lewis Carroll, Christopher Moore, and Joss Whedon. And above all, Scott Adams and Tom Holt deserve special mention for the spirit of the series. Continue reading

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