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Interview: WorldsWithoutEnd.com

WWEndLogoToday I am interviewing Dave, Administrator of the science fiction, fantasy, and horror website, WorldsWithoutEnd.com.

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DJ: Hi Dave! Thanks for agreeing to do this interview!

For readers who aren’t familiar, could you tell us a little about yourself and what your role at WorldsWithoutEnd.com is?

Dave: Thanks for having me on, DJ.  Worlds Without End is a fan site dedicated to helping genre fiction fans find the best books to read.  As one of those fans my job at WWEnd (we say “dub-dub-end”) is site design, day to day running and data updates, and interacting with members etc. Chris is our coding guru and he makes it all work on the technical side.  Rico is our social media guy and takes care of Twitter and Facebook. Together we plan new updates and features to keep improving the site for our members. After us three we have a crew of Uber User volunteers who help us with data entry to get all those authors and books added.  We could never keep up with demand without them.

DJ: What is WorldsWithoutEnd.com? When was it first created? What was the original goal of the site?

Dave: Back in 2006 I was getting into web design and thought it would be fun to put up a little site for my friends and I to track the Hugo Award winners — it was our goal to read them all.  Then I found out about the Nebula… and Locus… and Clarke and decided to start adding those as well. Pretty soon we had enough content to be of interest to others and WWEnd was born. Continue reading

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Interview: LiteraryBookGifts.com

8f626b4966e6bca0bb587cba3dc0e8d9_1024x1024@2x*Melissa was kind enough to us with a special promotional code MYLIFEMYBOOKSMYESCAPE20 that can be used at checkout for 20% off anything at LiteraryBookGifts.com!!! And there is no minimum to order, and the code will not expire! See the bottom of the post for more details! 🙂

Today I am interviewing Melissa, founder of the new on-line bookish gift store, LiteraryBookGifts.com, a small company that specializes in bringing books to life on t-shirts and bags.

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DJ: Hi Melissa! Thanks for stopping by to do this interview!

For readers and book enthusiasts who aren’t familiar with your site, could you tell us what LiteraryBookGifts.com is all about?

Melissa: Hi DJ, thank you so much for having me for this interview! Literary Book Gifts is an online store with a wide range of products designed specially for book lovers, teachers, librarians, and anyone who loves to hear a good story. The collection includes a wide range of designs including many well loved authors from Sir Conan Doyle of Sherlock Holmes, to Jane Austen of Pride and Prejudice.


DJ: What were some of your influences for LiteraryBookGifts.com? Why did you want to start your own store?

Melissa: I absolutely love to read. I’ve never been much of a writer myself, but reading, and listening to audiobooks has always been an important part of my life. I’ve have been influenced creatively from every novel I’ve ever appreciated from J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter to J. D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye. I wanted to start my own store because I believe literature should to be shared and talked about. Putting designs on shirts and totes is a perfect way to get a conversation started. However this is only true if the shirt fits, so to speak. This is why the collection comes in a wide variety of sizes (XS – 5XL) and colors, so the collection suits the variety of tastes that readers and book lovers have.

DJ: Which book genres and authors do you mainly feature? Do you also have designs that are just geared toward “books” or “reading” in general – rather than a particular novel?

Melissa: The designs are all based particularly off of books or authors from the classics. I don’t filter by genre, because I think all the genres are equally great. There are a few that are more general designs, such as the Typewriter Tote Bag which is great for writers, as well as a vintage book design for readers. One that I really like is a graphic of The End, like the last page of a book.

DJ: What types of products do you sell?

Melissa: Right now the collection includes t-shirts for men and women. There are also tote bags that come in three sizes, small, medium, and large.

DJ: Because I know this is a very important when buying clothes and items of the like: what type of material and quality are your products?

Melissa: I am happy to say that the men’s and women’s shirts are all 100% cotton, with the exception of the heathered colors that contain varying amounts of polyester. The tote bags have cotton handles and the body is made of a strong polyester fabric which is important for the printing process.

DJ: What are some of you personal favorite designs and what are your best sellers?

Melissa: The Edgar Allan Poe design has definitely received a lot of interest, and is a great seller. The Emily Dickinson Tote Bag has received a lot of positive feedback as well. One of my personal favorites is Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book T-Shirt because I love how the silhouette stands out on dark colors. I really also like the Picture of Dorian Gray T-Shirt, it’s more a of a subtle design but I think that the image of the man looking backwards into a mirror really captures the essence of the novel.

  DJ: Where do you get your idea for the designs from?

Melissa: I get the ideas from each and every individual novel. Some of the designs are remastered from old book covers, and some are from various artwork and typography I am able to find. I try to make sure that the colors and composition flow naturally with the title or author I am working with.

DJ: How long has LiteraryBookGifts.com been running for?

Melissa: Just a little over a few months now, I launched it earlier this year.

DJ: What was your favorite part about running LiteraryBookGifts.com so far? What about your biggest challenge?

Melissa: So far I have really enjoyed interacting with the book community, I love hearing their feedback and suggestions. My biggest challenge so far has been the website, I am not that great with things like websites so there were some difficulties getting started, although I hope to learn a lot more about the website design and the internet going forward.

DJ: Do you have any particular goals with LiteraryBookGifts.com? Whether it be expanding your collecting to add new products, more authors and books, world-wide shipping, or be a successful small business?

Melissa: I would say everything you mentioned is a goal for me! I’d definitely love to expand the product selection in terms of products, authors, and books. Shipping is important too, especially for international customers, that it be reliable and affordable. And of course, I would love to be a successful small business

DJ: Where can readers find out more about you?

Melissa: Right now the very best way to find me is through the website at LiteraryBookGifts.com. Please feel free to get in touch with me about anything at contact@literarybookgifts.com, I love hearing from anyone and everyone!

DJ: Before we go, what is that one thing you’d like readers to know about LiteraryBookGifts.com that we haven’t talked about yet?

Melissa: Each and every design and item is unique and you won’t find the same product anywhere else but on the website!

DJ: Is there anything else you would like add?

Melissa: I would love to add, that as a special promotion for readers of DJ’s blog, the code MYLIFEMYBOOKSMYESCAPE20 can be used at checkout for 20% off anything in the store. There is no minimum to order, and the code will not expire.

DJ: Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to answer my questions!

Melissa: I really enjoyed answering your questions, thank you so much for having me on your blog!

DJ: And the by the way, after much contemplation, even though it would be much more appropriate for me to get the Gray’s Anatomy T-ShirtI can’t resist and I’ve decided I’m going to the promotional code to get me the Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book T-ShirtIt’s actually my favorite one for the exact same reason as you! 🙂

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*** Use the code: MYLIFEMYBOOKSMYESCAPE20 for 20% off anything in the store!!!***


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