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Author Interview: John L. Lansdale

Today I am interviewing John L. Lansdale, author of the new western-horror novel, Zombie Gold.

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DJ: Hey John! Thanks for agreeing to do this interview!

For readers who aren’t familiar with you, could you tell us a little about yourself?

John L. Lansdale: My pleasure. I was born and raised with my brother Joe in rural east Texas. Our parents were the best a kid could have. They taught us how to survive and pursue our dreams to be successful in life. I have a great wife Mary and four kids. I love music and animals and after many things I begin to write some ten years ago and since then writing has become my obsession.

DJ: What is Zombie Gold about?

John: The two main characters are young cowboys in today’s time. Chris

Bain’s mother died when he was a kid his father unknown. The owner of the Flying G ranch adopted and raised him. Chris wants to be a champion bronc rider to impress his adoptive father. Will Littlefield is a college student working the summer on the ranch for extra money before he returns to college to be a lawyer. His dad is a champion bronc rider but Will has no interest in it. Chris gets in trouble trying to ride a big wild gray horse the ranch is saving for the rodeo. The foreman sends him and Will on a trip to Kaman mountain to retrieve lost cattle. They discover soldier Zombies from the civil war when they wander into a cave and the Zombies chase them into a time warp that takes them back to the civil war during the battle of Gettysburg when the Zombies are live union soldiers. From there the story unfolds. Continue reading

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