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Guest Post: What’s Important in a Story: Setting or Character? by Kayl Karadjian

Kayl Karadjian is a lifelong fan of Science-Fiction and Fantasy books, Manga, and Role-playing games. He is the author of multiple books in the Tales of Ashkar and Dragonsoul series.

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What’s Important in a Story: Setting or Character?

By Kayl Karadjian

It is the struggle of the author to bring to life the stories running in our heads. There are so many cogs that we must bring together to form our novels, and each piece must fit perfectly or else we risk the whole machine falling apart.

Often times, many authors (and in turn, many readers) approach a story by its setting first. In regards to fiction, we like to categorize stories by what setting they occur in. We think of fantasy, and our minds picture swords and magic. We think of sci fi, and envision a world far into the future. We do this with every genre, and only after we have committed to the setting do we think of the characters. Continue reading

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