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Author Interview and Giveaway: Clifton Hill


*Clifton Hill was kind enough to provided two (2) free Kindle copies of Kip the Quick to go along with his interview! The link and details for the giveaway are located at the bottom of the post, following the interview 🙂

Today I am interviewing Clifton Hill, author of the new fantasy heist novel, Kip the Quick.

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DJ: Hey Clifton! Thanks for stopping by to do this interview!

For readers who aren’t familiar with you, could you tell us a little about yourself?

Clifton Hill: Absolutely. As a kid, I was always quiet and I took to comics, books and videogames early on. I read Asimov’s Robot Series in the 4th Grade, after I was given The Robots of Dawn by my grandmother. She wasn’t into sci-fi or fantasy, so this was a startling choice. I just wish I had been thoughtful enough to ask what spurred the purchase before she passed away. My love of reading was mostly spawned from that point, so if anyone likes my books, you can probably thank Grandma Dale.

DJ: What is Kip the Quick about?

CH: Kip is a witty rascal of a thief. Orphaned at an early age in the hard streets of Tander, in the midst of the Sparelands, he does what he must to survive. But all he wants to do is leave Tander behind and make a fresh start in Farland. First, he must save enough to pay for a ride on the only safe way out of the Sparelands: the iron wain. Continue reading

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Kindle Deal Alert: Kip the Quick by Clifton Hill

About the Book:

Witty, fast-paced fantasy heist where morality is…debatable.

Kip is a young thief on the hard streets of Tander in the middle of the Sparelands — a dry, hot piece of hell, hit with frequent and terrible storms. All he wants to do is leave, but first he must save enough to cover fare for the only safe exit in town: the iron wain.

With six months to go, the job of a lifetime lands in his lap: To steal a vial of the Essence — a piece of myth and legend. He’ll do anything to pull it off, but the question is… Will he survive? Continue reading

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