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Author Interview: Julie Czerneda

Today I am interviewing Julie rafzerneda, editor of the new anthology, Nebula Awards Showcase 2017.

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DJ: Hey Julie! Thanks for stopping by to do this interview! 

For readers who aren’t familiar with you, could you tell us a little about yourself?

Julie Czerneda: Hello! Like your readers, I love science fiction and fantasy. I’ve been writing my own since I was ten. In one of those odd twists careers can take, I went from biologist to professional non-fiction author and editor. My first SF anthology as editor was Packing Fraction and Other Tales of Science and Imagination, which came out in 1999 from Trifolium Books. Not surprisingly, it was intended for science classrooms and I wrote an annotated guide for educators No Limits: Developing Scientific Literacy Using Science Fiction.

This was about the time my own fiction writing took off, and I’ve been doing that full time ever since, proud and delighted to be published by DAW Books NY for (gasp) twenty years. Between the novels, I kept doing anthologies because how better to learn the craft than read wonderful authors? The Showcase is my sixteenth.

DJ: What is Nebula Awards Showcase 2017 about? What are some reasons readers that readers like to pick it up?

Julie: Because it’s FABULOUS! ::coughs:: Which is a reason, but I should explain. The Nebula Awards Showcase is the prize we readers get, being able to hold in our hands a cross-section of the works from 2016 recognized as exceptional by the membership of the Science Fiction Writers of America (SFWA). The anthology lists every past and present winner, plus the 2016 nominees, which of itself is fascinating, but best of all? It’s full of stories and their creators’ passion. There are whole short stories, the winning novella and novelettes, plus novel excerpts. There’s an excerpt from the Andre Norton Award winner as well, for best YA. You’ll find the Rhsyling poetry winners. There’s a wealth of material in honour of C.J. Cherryh, who became a SFWA Grand Master in 2016, including an essay by Betsy Wollheim. There’s Michelle Sagara’s moving tribute to the late Sir Terry Pratchett, awarded the Kate Wolhelm Solstice Award for his contributions to the genre, as well as some cool behind-the-scenes about Mad Max: Fury Road by Mark Askwith, the film that won the Ray Bradbury Award for Outstanding Dramatic Presentation. Altogether? It’s, well, fabulous stuff.  Continue reading

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