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Author Interview: Richard A. Kirk

Today I am interviewing Richard A. Kirk, author of the new sci-fi, fantasy novel, Necessary Monsters.

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DJ: Hey Richard! Thanks for agreeing to do this interview!

For readers who aren’t familiar with you, could you tell us a little about yourself?

Richard A. Kirk: Sure, I am an author, illustrator and visual artist. I was born in Kingston Upon Hull and immigrated to Canada with my parents when I was young. I grew up in an industrial town on the shore of the Great Lakes. My work written and illustrative is informed by those two facts. Writing, reading and drawing have always been my primary interests, and they have always been interwoven in my mind. Anyone who is familiar with my drawing would not be surprised by my writing. I love all literature and try to read as widely as I can, but branch the contains science fiction, fantasy, weird fiction and horror fiction is where I live creatively. In my fiction I like to work across genres, because I believe that it where the interesting stuff happens. In a single work, I might incorporate elements of high fantasy, horror, and literary fiction. This isn’t so much a strategy as simply an outcome of how I work. The kinds of books I like to read follow a similar path. When writing I like to challenge the reader’s expectations. I like to be surprised by what I am writing. I write every day, even when I am very busy with other projects. Of all my creative endeavors, writing is the one I where I truly lose myself.

DJ: What is Necessary Monsters about?

Richard: It’s about learning to face the truth about yourself. Lumsden Moss is an escaped convict, living under a false identity. He was set on a bad path during his childhood when a girl he loved, named Memoria, fell from a sea wall and drowned. When the book opens, Moss has spent his life feeling a heavy burden of guilt for Memoria’s death. He learns that she is still alive when a monstrous underworld figure blackmails him into looking for her. The book is Moss’s journey from ancient port city to a forbidden island. Throughout, Moss puts his life on the line as a child-witch named Elizabeth, and her demon, Echo pursues him. The story leads to Nightjar Island where he confronts the fact that his story is part of a mystery much larger than himself. The book is very much about how environment and circumstance shape our perceptions and identity. How much do we owe the past? What is our obligation to those who fundamentally change over time? How do you grapple with the monstrous both internally and externally? These are questions Moss has to deal with as he pierces the layers of the mystery. Continue reading

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