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Author Interview: Matt Doyle

Today I am interviewing Matt Doyle, author of the new urban science-fiction/tech noir novel, Addict, first book in The Cassie Tam Files.

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DJ: Hey Matt! Thanks for agreeing to do this interview!

For readers who aren’t familiar with you, could you tell us a little about yourself?

Matt Doyle: Hey there! So, my name’s Matt, and I’m a UK based author. When it comes to fiction, my work tends to fall loosely into the hybrid genre classification. The reason for that is that while my tales tend to be speculative fiction at their core, I personally enjoy a lot of different types of story (spanning pretty much any type of media you can think of) and I like to mix different elements in as I go. In the case of Addict, it has a near future sci-fi setting, was influenced by urban fantasy, but is written to in part be a homage to crime noir.

When I’m not working on fiction, I also run a pop culture site, Matt Doyle Media Dot Com. If that sounds a little narcissistic as a site title, it’s because it was intended to be a central hub for my various projects. Over time though, it’s grown to not only give me a platform for my own work, but to allow me space to blog about everything from anime and video games to cryptozoology and random nonsense. At time of writing, I’m working on doing at least one post a day Mon-Fri every month, so there’s a lot of material coming out!

I mentioned projects plural there because I like to keep myself pretty busy. I’m an avid cosplayer, with a focus on crossplay, and have at least one new costume to plan and build every year. Thus far, they’ve varied from building a full fursuit of Renamon from Digimon Tamers to modifying a motorcycle helmet to play Celty Sturluson from Durarara!! On top of that, I have been known to occasionally produce physical art. I mostly work digitally, but the odd ink or pencil doodle does appear. I actually have a RedBubble shop with some of my current art plastered over a ton of different stuff.

I also occasionally write a little about past experiences. For example, I spent ten years working in the UK pro wrestling industry, not only as a wrestler but also as a referee, ring announcer, on screen manager, booker, promoter and liaison between workers and management. That comes up once in a while if I have a story to tell. I cover certain events like Bi Visibility Day each year too.

Outside that, I have a ton of social media accounts linked on my site. I’m most active on Twitter at the moment, as well as a few Facebook groups. In a way, it’s good for me, I think. I’m in that unfortunate position where I like the company of others, but I’m not very good at real-life socializing. Connecting with people online is a useful way to get around that.

DJ: What is Addict about?

Matt: OK, so as it says above, Addict is the first book in The Cassie Tam Files. Cassie herself is a PI working in a fictional city called New Hopeland, and the book follows her latest case. In this instance, she’s visited late at night by a lady named Lori Redwood who wants Cassie to look into her brother Eddie’s death. Eddie was a Virtual Reality Junkie, and the police have already declared his death to be an accidental overdose on the synthetic stimulants that most VR Junkies use, but Lori insists that this is impossible as he never used stimulants. Cassie believes that the police were probably correct, and she makes that clear to Lori, but takes the case anyway. The more that Cassie digs though, the more that things don’t seem to add up, and she soon finds herself knee deep in a murder investigation. To make matters worse for our intrepid PI, she also has to deal with the fact that Lori is fast becoming the first person that she’s been attracted to since splitting with her ex-girlfriend. Continue reading

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Author Interview: E.M. Hamill

Today I am interviewing E.M. Hamill, author of the new science-fiction, Dali.

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DJ: Hey E.M.! Thanks for agreeing to do this interview!

For readers who aren’t familiar with you, could you tell us a little about yourself?

E.M. Hamill: I write as E.M. Hamill for more mature readers and as Elisabeth Hamill for young adults. Call me Lisa!

In my career life, I’m a nurse, but I’m a writer at heart every other hour of the day. I’m a total geek, lifelong scifi and fantasy addict, and I have a crippling ice cream habit.

DJ: What is Dali about?

E.M.: Dalí is a third-gender human in Earth’s future, completely shattered by the loss of their family in a terrorist attack. They stumble into a sex-trafficking plot that threatens other third-gender humans like them, and when they attempt to investigate, their own government blocks the effort. Dalí is recruited by a galactic spy organization for an undercover mission to discover who is behind the scheme, and it gives them purpose again. They have to decide how far they’ll go to get the information they need in order to stop another deadly terror attack.

DJ: What were some of your influences for Dali?

E.M.: I describe Dalí as a space opera in the same vein of Star Wars or Star Trek. There’s a large cast of humans and alien species working together to achieve things. There are also deliberate parallels drawn to the modern concerns like gender equality, LGBTQ rights, sex trafficking, and political corruption. Strangely enough, I actually finished the first draft almost two years ago, and there are some scary similarities to the current political climate in the US. Continue reading

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