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Author Interview: Sara Hanover

40671029Today I am interviewing Sara Hanover, author of the new fantasy novel, The Late Great Wizard.

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DJ: Hi Sara! Thanks for agreeing to do this interview!

For readers who aren’t familiar with you, could you tell us a little about yourself?

Sara Hanover: I’m a reader who loves books, and a writer who loves to write. I’m an only child and my parents, separated early, moved a lot. Custody went back and forth, so my most reliable friends were books. In real life, I’m rather shy and all that moving proved very difficult for me. But books! I could be anyone, do anything, dream forever. I have a family now and two precocious cats who think my writing desk is merely an extension to the best window in the house. They haven’t occupied my keyboard yet but they do push my monitor out of the way to get the sunniest spots. My children are some of my beta readers but are wary of being co-opted as characters. We travel and some of our best friends live in Australia and New Zealand, and you’ll see my new book is dedicated to them.

 DJ: What is The Late Great Wizard about?


Sara: This book has been described as a portal fantasy, but I wrote it as an urban fantasy and intended it to be a light-hearted romp, although it does touch upon serious issues. Tessa Andrews has a gambling addicted father who leveraged the family out of a financial future and then disappeared. They lost everything and became persons of interest in his disappearance. She’s had to struggle to find footing and move forward, and partners with her mother in a new house which seems to have poltergeists, and takes on a charity meals run to bolster her resume for future college years. One of her meal recipients is crusty old Professor Brandard with whom she establishes a tentative friendship. Then one night she gets a frantic call from the professor. “Help! Fire!” and when she answers it, her life takes another drastic and fantastic turn. She finds the home in flames, the professor gone, and a handsome young man cowering in the back yard who may–or may not– be the reincarnation of Brandard as a phoenix wizard. Tessa doesn’t believe in magic, but it believes in her. Without his proper memory, the soul of the professor and the soul of young Brian inhabit the same body but they could both be in danger and are needed to face the return of a great evil. Tessa throws in her lot to save them, and her world. Continue reading

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