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Author Interview: Keith Rosson


Today I am interviewing Keith Rosson, author of the new literary/magical realism novel, Smoke City.

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DJ: Hi Keith! Thanks for agreeing to do this interview!

For readers who aren’t familiar with you, could you tell us a little about yourself?

Keith: Two novels out, a bunch of short story appearances. I rent an office where, at 9 pm sharp, I can hear the bass begin to throb through the walls from the bar across the street. It is not conducive to working, and that’s usually when I pack it up for the night. I live with my girlfriend and our two three-legged dogs.

DJ: What is Smoke City about?


Keith: How about I just use the synopsis we’ve been using, since I’ve kind of run out of different ways to describe it at this point? Hope that works!
Marvin Deitz has some serious problems. His mob-connected landlord is strong-arming him out of his storefront. His therapist has concerns about his stability. He’s compelled to volunteer at the local Children’s Hospital even though it breaks his heart every week. Oh, and he’s also the guilt-ridden reincarnation of Geoffroy Thérage, the French executioner who lit Joan of Arc’s pyre in 1431. He’s just seen a woman on a Los Angeles talk show claiming to be Joan, and absolution seems closer than it’s ever been . . . but how will he find her? When Marvin heads to Los Angeles to locate the woman who may or may not be Joan, he’s picked up hitchhiking by Mike Vale, a self-destructive alcoholic painter traveling to his ex-wife’s funeral. As they move through a California landscape populated with “smokes” (ghostly apparitions that’ve inexplicably begun appearing throughout the southwestern US), each seeks absolution in his own way. Continue reading

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