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Author Interview: Robert Jackson Bennett

Today I am interviewing Robert Jackson Bennett, author of the new fantasy novel, City of Miracles, final book of The Divine Cities trilogy.

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DJ: Hey Robert! Thanks for agreeing to do this interview!

For readers who aren’t familiar with you, could you tell us a little about yourself?

Robert Jackson Bennett: I’m a science fiction and fantasy writer. I believe I have 10 books under my belt at this point… I try not to count, since I’m sure it’d just depress me. 

DJ: What is City of Miracles and then The Divine Cities trilogy about?

Robert: Think of the Greek or Norse pantheon of gods. Now imagine that those gods are very real, and their divine powers are at the disposal of one nation. You can imagine what that nation then does – empire, slavery, and hegemony. The nation essentially wields their gods much as one would a weapon of mass destruction – gods as nukes, in other words.

But then someone finds a way to kill the gods, bringing that nation to utter ruin. There’s a tremendous power vacuum, and one of the former colonies steps in, trying to fill the divine gap with trade and technology. 

Except – are the gods really gone? And even if they are – how should the world proceed? Is it possible to move past these horrendous conflicts?

The Divine Cities trilogy looks at three different characters trying to navigate these waters. All of them are involved in the shadowy, grungy work of statecraft, some utilizing the pen, others the dagger. City of Miracles is the last entry into this world, and we see how previous efforts have failed or succeeded, and where everyone tries to go from there. Continue reading

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