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Author Interview: Jon Hollins


Today I am interviewing Jon Hollins, author of the new, debut fantasy novel, The Dragon Lords: Fool’s Gold, first book in the Dragon Lords series.

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DJ: Hey Jon! Thanks for stopping by to do this interview!

For readers who aren’t familiar with you, could you tell us a little about yourself?

Jon Hollins: Quite alright. Thanks so much for having me. As for who I am, I’m officially a pseudonym, which means that I can’t give too much away without discarding my seductive cloak of secrecy and shadow. (Could I also be James Patterson slumming it…? No. No, unfortunately I could not). However, I can reveal that I’m a dad, a gamer, and a lifelong sf and fantasy nerd. I’m also an English transplant to Long Island’s sunny shores. Tantalizing clues, I know.

DJ: What is The Dragon Lords: Fool’s Gold about?

JH: I think the shortest summary I can give is “idiots making poor decisions.” More satisfyingly, it’s the story of a farmer, a vicious mercenary, her lizard-man companion, a mage in denial of her powers, and a village drunk attempting to steal a large amount of gold from a dragon. Of all the things that go wrong for them, the worst is probably that they succeed. Continue reading

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