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Author Interview: R.V. Johnson


Today I am interviewing R.V. Johnson, author of the stunning epic fantasy novel, Beyond the Sapphire Gate, first book in The Flow of Power series. A fast-paced romp in the vein of Piers Anthony’s Robot Adept Series as one fan put it.

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DJ: Hey R.V.! Thanks for stopping by to do this interview!

For readers who aren’t familiar with you, could you tell us a little about yourself?

R.V. Johnson: When I’m not writing or on social media, I read. I’m that someone who has a book with him, even while camping and hiking in the great outdoors. Outside is where I like to spend the rest of my free time, in the forest, at the lake, and rock climbing in the desert. And, let’s not forget sport off-roading. Four wheel drives and ATVs are a blast.

DJ: What is the Beyond the Sapphire Gate about?

RVJ: Coming into her power, Crystalyn unintentionally opens a curtain of darkness between a pair of sapphire obelisks with a travel symbol. Her younger sister Jade, the one person she cares most about having raised her since their mother went missing touches the gateway, and vanishes. Crystalyn follows, developing her powers in a land where strife, warfare, and magic use are rampant. The search grows ever desperate as she learns each symbol use is killing her. Though a political Circle of Light of magic users and an ominous Dark Citadel of warlords and their dark creations block the way, she must go on. Time is fast flowing away from both her and Jade’s well-being with far more at stake than they both know. Continue reading

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