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Author Interview: Thomas Locke


Today I am interviewing Thomas Locke, author of the new Christian fiction novel, The Golden Vial, final book in the Legends of the Realm series.

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DJ: Hi Thomas! Thanks for agreeing to do this interview!

What is The Legends of the Realm series about?

Thomas: The series centers upon life choices, and how so often what we see as a burden can in time become the source of our greatest opportunity. Hyam is basically a hard-luck kid, whose only real talents lie in eaking out crops from unwanted fields, and in languages that haven’t been used for generations. He’s poor, he’s alone, and there’s not much chance for doing what he most wants, which is to escape.

Then a series of events sweep him up, showing him that all the fragments of his life actually fit together in a powerful fashion. But first he has to cast aside all the reasons he’s built up within himself to fail.

To succeed, he must accept the challenge of growth, and learn to live for more than just his next good time.

DJ: Can you tell us a little about The Golden Vial?


Thomas: The realm is under threat both from within and without. The Lady Shona, crowned queen of the realm in the last pages of Alyss, is a leader without a throne. She and her small contingent of loyalists are pursued relentlessly. Rather than try to flee, however, they decide to seek out the enemy and attack them head on.

This leads them back to the region known as Three Valleys, birthplace of Hyam and where the Emissary novel began. But Hyam is not with them; he has been felled by an ailment that is sweeping through the realm with the silent force of a true epidemic, only one for which the healers have no cure. They know it simply as, the wasting disease.

Help comes from the most unlikely of sources, a young orphan serving in the kitchen of Norvin, mayor of Hyam’s home village. Her abilities, though untested and largely untrained, could well hold the last remaining hope of the human realm. Continue reading

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