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Author Interview: David Steffen

Today I am interviewing David Steffen, editor of the new science-fiction anthology, The Long List Anthology: Volume 5, fifth book in the Long List Anthology series, who is also editor the webzine Diabolical Plots, and co-founder and administrator of the Submission Grinder website for writers. 

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DJ: Hi David! Thanks for agreeing to do this interview! 

For readers who aren’t familiar with you, could you tell us a little about yourself?

David:  I’m an erstwhile writer and current editor and publisher, and a software engineer by day.  I’m probably most well-known in writing circles for co-founding and administering a tool for writers called The Submission Grinder.  I run the Diabolical Plots, LLC publishing house, although its Twitter feed is probably cross-stitch photos by volume.

DJ: What is The Long List Anthology: Volume 5 about?

David:  The Hugo Awards are a fan voted award, nominated and voted by whoever pays a supporting membership to WorldCon that year (you don’t need to physically attend).  There’s often great stuff on the final Hugo Award ballot that gets a lot of attention, and deservedly. After the Hugo Award ceremony, the WSFS (the organization that runs the Hugo Awards) publishes a longer list of nomination statistics, including a ranked list of works that weren’t on the ballot.  I had used this list for years as a recommended reading list, but those stories didn’t get anywhere near the attention of the works on the ballot, so I wanted to help get them some wider exposure. This anthology each year is entirely composed of stories that were on the longer nomination list that year in the Short Story, Novelette, and Novella categories.

DJ: What kinds of stories can readers expect in the anthology?

David:  They’re all science fiction/fantasy/horror of some kind, but it’s a very ecclectic mix, because it’s whatever an amorphous fan group of varying size and composition decided they liked in a particular year.  Usually there’s not a huge amount of horror, but usually one or two solidly in that category. There can be some trends in a particular year (i.e. this year there are quite a few science fiction mystery stories) but as a whole I think this anthology is probably one of the most varied in type of story out there because it’s not a single person picking the stories. Continue reading

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