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Author Interview: David Thomas Moore


Today I am interviewing David Thomas Moore, editor of the new fantasy anthology, The True History of Strange Brigade.

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DJ: Hey David! Thanks for stopping by to do an interview!

For readers who aren’t familiar with you, could you tell us a little about yourself?

David: Hi there! I’m David Thomas Moore, the Fiction Commissioning Editor at Rebellion Publishing (that’s Solaris and Abaddon Books, for those at the back). I’ve also edited a handful of anthologies, including Not So Stories, Dracula: Rise of the Beast and The True History of the Strange Brigade. If we’ve ever met, there’s a good chance I was doing karaoke at the time.

DJ: What is The True History of Strange Brigade about?


David: It’s a companion volume for the Strange Brigade videogame, coming out on the 28th August on all major platforms. It tells the backstories of the four main playable characters and four of the initial downloadable characters – who they are, and what unearthly encounter first brought them to the attention of the Department of Antiquities, the so-called “Strange Brigade” that protects the world from the supernatural.

The stories are set in our world, sometime in the 1930s – the time of Indiana Jones, of The Shadow, of Doc Savage – and terrible things lurk in the shadows of the world: monsters, old gods, ghosts, alien intelligences and worse. The Department of Antiquities, an unofficial and unacknowledged branch of His Majesty’s Government, holds the duty of rooting these creatures out and making the world safe. The Brigade itself, formed of agents from around the world – from India and Japan, from Kenya and America, from everywhere the Empire has a presence – are the sharp edge of the Department, travelling where needed and doing what must be done. Continue reading

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