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Author Interview: Benedict Patrick


Today I am interviewing Benedict Patrick, author of the debut dark fantasy novel, They Mostly Come Out at Night, and current contestant in the Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off 2016.

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DJ: Hey Benedict! Thanks for stopping by to do this interview!

For readers who aren’t familiar with you, could you tell us a little about


Benedict Patrick: Thanks DJ! So, I’m a debut indie author who hails from Ireland, but I’ve spent the last decade or so living in Glasgow, Scotland. I’ve spent most of my life either reading or daydreaming, and a few years ago decided to turn that into a career. And here we are…

DJ: What is They Mostly Come Out at Night about?

BP: So, on one level I guess it’s about a young man finding his place in the world. At the start of the novel Lonan is pretty lost – his family and the people around him (unfairly) hate him, and he has little prospects for the future. For him, the events in the story are about how he attempts to change that.

For the rest of us, the story is about bird-gods and wolf-people running around a giant forest killing each other. You know, the usual stuff. Continue reading

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