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Author Interview: William C. Dietz

Today I am interviewing William C. Dietz, New York Times best selling author of the new alt. history novel, RED ICE, first book in the Winds of War series.

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DJ: Hi Bill! Thanks for agreeing to do this interview!

For readers who aren’t familiar with you, could you tell us a little about yourself?

William C. Dietz: I’m the author of more than 50 mostly military science fiction novels, a well trained husband, and an avid traveler. My wife and I have been to six of the seven continents. Antarctica is too damned cold.

DJ: What is RED ICE about?

Bill: RED ICE is a near-future alternate-history military thriller, set shortly after the start of the WWIII. The story begins with a battle in the South China Sea, moves to the conflict in Afghanistan, and winds up in the Bering Strait where the Russians are trying to invade Alaska.

If that seems improbable, remember that the strait is only 51 miles wide, wars run on oil, and Alaska has 26.5 billion barrels of the good stuff in the ground.   

DJ: What were some of your influences RED ICE and the series?

Bill: The plot has a Tom Clancy feel, some Dale Brown elements, and was heavily influenced by that William Dietz guy. Continue reading

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