Art It Up!: Turtle Soup

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IMG_0869 IMG_0867

You’re probably wondering why I drew a turtle, when for the past couple weeks I have only been reading the First Law Trilogy. Well the answer is simple. It is because I completely forgot that today was Thursday! Didn’t realize this until I saw Tabitha posted up some of her art.


So why did I draw a Turtle? Because it looked really easy, simple, and I thought I could draw it in a quick amount of time. If you look closely too, you will notice that I did a little pencil shading and accenting (I’m legit now, I know), and I think I’m getting fairly good at drawing eyes. Weird how the best eye I’ve draw is on Turtle, though.

For sake of relating this to my reading… Notice how happy and cute my little Turtle is with his smile? Well, imagine him down at a stream, drinking some water, when all of a sudden WHACK! Black Dow brings down his axe, chopping off the head in swift blow. As the head, still with a peaceful, innocent smile, floats downstream, Dow pick up the body and gives it to Logan as a replacement for the pot Logan lost earlier. Logan graciously accepts the shell as a replacement, and with one of his knives – because you can never have too many – sits down around the fire, singing songs with his Named Men, while gutting clean his new bowl.


My “artsy” camera angle (With the pencil this time. For more affect) 😛


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4 thoughts on “Art It Up!: Turtle Soup

  1. Haha I love the turtle bowl story…poor little turtle. He’s adorable!

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  2. lynnsbooks says:

    Aww – poor turtle! And yes, you’ve definitely got that things going on with the eyes! Lovely.
    Lynn 😀

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