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From DJ to MD: Year 1 in the Books


Okay, so this post is long overdue. I mean long, long, long overdue. I am finally typing this up on Friday night August 11…. I first my first year of medical in May XD I know; I’m that good. What’s even funnier is that today was also the end of Term 3! Which means that this post is technically a term late XD

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From DJ to MD: 1 Down, 4 to Go


Hello, everybody! Remember me?! It’s DJ!!! 😀

In case any of you happened to miss my announcement last year, I started Medical School last August, and have just completed my first term in December. This is why I have been absent from commenting on everyone else’s blogs, replying to comments on mine, why you no longer see me posting any more book reviews/book collecting, and why you only see/have seen an incredible influx in interviews posts on my page.

I knew my pleasure reading time would go down when I started school, but I severely misjudged how little time I would actually have. I had brought down 4 novels with me to read in my free time… and I read a total of maybe 50 pages and one short story? So yeah, busy, busy, busy. Continue reading

From DJ to MD: Prologue


Those of you who have been following my blog since around its beginning may remember that last June, I was invited to do an interview interview with SCy-Fy Flynn about my blogging. In this interview, one of the questions asked was about my futures plans for my blog. I said there were three features I wanted to add.

One was some type of monthly drawing round-up. I was participating in Tabitha’s Art It Up!, but as you can tell… I never kept up with drawing. The second was writing some essays for my blog. I think I posted one or two? I have about 10 drafted outlines saved in my drafts, but I never seem to have the motivation to write them. The third was something that was “super top-secret. It’s not book or SF/F related, but I think some people may really enjoy it. That should be starting up somewhere between January and April of next year.” I was close to the announcement date! Now that all paper have been signed, plane tickets bought, and loans taken out, I am ready for the reveal… I am going to medical school! Continue reading