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Author Interview: Errick Nunnally


Today I am interviewing Errick Nunnally, two-time Hugo Finalist with Journey Planet and author of the new horror short-story, Devil’s Hollow, which can be read in the new anthology, Giving the Devil His Due.

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DJ: Hi Errick! Thanks for stopping by to do this interview! 

For readers who aren’t familiar with you, could you tell us a little about yourself?

Errick Nunnaly: Hi, DJ! Thanks for the opportunity. I am a relatively normal human with a weakness for comic books, sci-fi, and other speculative works. I was raised in Boston, Massachusetts—the Mattapan neighborhood—and after high school I did a stint in the U.S. Marine Corps. I have a Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design—a very dissonantly titled degree—and a black belt in Krav Maga/Muay Thai. Like most authors, I have a wide range of interests from socio-political history to marine biology to cocktails.

DJ: Before we get to your story, as I mentioned above, Giving the Devil His Due, is a charity anthology. What charity is the anthology for, and why was this project something you wanted to be a part of?

GTDHD - Special Edition Cover

Errick: The anthology is for The Pixel Project, a non-profit focused on ending violence against women. They are an online collective, so their communications channels and network are huge in social media and new technologies. In particular, their project, the Read For Pixels Campaign, contains the anthology and related events such as blog tours, panels, signings, and interviews. I wanted to be a part of it because it’s currently the best way for me to contribute to the cause.

DJ: What is your story, Devil’s Hollow, about?

Errick: The theme for the entire anthology was “comeuppance” with a Twilight Zone feel. I am a huge fan of revenge. I love comeuppance, it’s definitely an entertaining thought as it pertains to real world problems, if impractical all too often. So, these stories are supposed to reflect that. My story is about a woman who comes to recognize the opportunity that follows when she and her toxic husband drop their son off at college. Through a serendipitous occurrence, she comes in contact with a network that’s all to happy to encourage her…independent thinking.

DJ: What were some of the inspirations behind Devil’s Hollow

Errick: The different forms of abusive behaviors that partners can model. I wanted to present a situation that was not as overt as someone who is unfamiliar with domestic violence might think. How someone can be trapped and to what extent their autonomy erased. And I really, really, really wanted to present a comeuppance that was unexpected and plausible. Continue reading

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